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Sex Toys 101: The Ultimate Guide

To a new user, the world of sex toys can be a bit confusing; there's just such an array of options available. On top of the sheer selection of toys availble, there's so much more to consider: From making secure purchases online to simply bridging the topic with a partner. Hopefully, this guide can give you some insight into the world of sex toys in all of its facets. No need to blush or feel anxious - sex toys can enliven your sexual experience alone as well as free you from falling into a routine when it comes to partnered sex. So let's get a little kinky and take a walk on a the more intimate side of sex for a moment. Keep up, you don't want to get left behind for this lesson!

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Sex, Pleasure, Self Care, Sex Toys

8 Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys

by Jess & Carol at B Swish

Summer’s here, and it’s time to travel for some adventure, relaxation and just-me time! Whatever the goal of your next vacation, don’t leave the mind-blowing sex off of the itinerary; according to recent studies, you’re more likely to be in the mood when you’re on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the hunt for a holiday fling, flying solo or longing to deepen your relationship with a tried and true travel companion, a sex toy will make your experience that that much more ..memorable.. Check out our tips on packing the right sex for your trip!

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It's in the Bag: Essentials for Island Hopping

by Jess at B Swish

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but catching sun rays on a tranquil island beach beats the hell out of catching them on the concrete streets of the urban jungle, even in California. One of our all-time favorite spots to island hop is along the shores of Greece. From Santorini with breathtaking sunsets to Mykonos with the friendliest hotel receptionists. Gorgeous beaches and amazing food… you just can’t go wrong! Whether you’re planning to sip cocktails on a beach or sailing from island to island, there are a handful of must-have items that every it-girl should carry with her while soaking up the sun.

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The Best is Yet to Come: New Year, New Feels, and a Fresh Start at B Swish

By Jess & Carol at B Swish

Earlier this year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with the intimate massager that started it all for us: the B Cute Classic Limited Edition. For ten years, we have been standing by our original philosophy to provide body-safe, pleasure delivering, intimate massagers with modern designs to women. The pleasure product industry has changed a lot in that decade, but how has that affected our mission here at B Swish? The answer today is the same as it was ten years ago: Deliver more orgasms! It's how we serve up those O's that's changing.

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Sex, Pleasure, Pro Tips, Sex Toys

Started From the Bottom: A Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex

By Amara Purlle

Yes, women are into it. No, it’s not just a male-on-male pastime. Yes, heterosexual men are doing it, too. Yes, it’s a completely normal, celebrated and valid way to achieve orgasm. So, let’s do this! Let’s go deep and continue to un-taboo anal sex. Because, as previous columnists have said: It’s [insert decade here]. Time to get real.

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Sex, Pleasure, Pro Tips, Self Care, Sex Toys

Down with Toxic Toys! The Importance of Buying Body-Safe Pleasure Products

By Haley DePass

Because the pleasure product industry is pretty much unregulated, part of our mission at B Swish is to provide pleasure products made from 100% body-safe materials. All of our sex toys are high quality, non-porous silicones and plastics. While we aren't the only ones on the scene offering high quality body-safe products, our products are uniquely priced for all budgets. In this post, Haley DePass discusses why it’s soooooo important to make sure that you’re buying only pleasure products that are definitely body-safe.

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