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Sex Toys 101: The Ultimate Guide

To a new user, the world of sex toys can be a bit confusing; there's just such an array of options available. On top of the sheer selection of toys availble, there's so much more to consider: From making secure purchases online to simply bridging the topic with a partner. Hopefully, this guide can give you some insight into the world of sex toys in all of its facets. No need to blush or feel anxious - sex toys can enliven your sexual experience alone as well as free you from falling into a routine when it comes to partnered sex. So let's get a little kinky and take a walk on a the more intimate side of sex for a moment. Keep up, you don't want to get left behind for this lesson!

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Sex, Pleasure, Pro Tips, Self Care

Me, Myself & I: Celebrating Masturbation Month

By Amara Purlle

✨Masturbation Month Special✨

It’s officially Masturbation Month! While we in the pleasure industry tend to celebrate masturbation on the daily, we also recognize that visibly dedicating an entire month to the topic serves as a necessary reminder that self-pleasure can be an integral and accessible aspect of everyone’s sexuality. For this post, we asked Amara Purlle explore rapidly changing attitudes towards self-love and why it’s still so important to celebrate going solo.

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Sex, Pleasure, Relationships, Dating, Pro Tips

Masturbation 2.0: Everything You Need to Know about Mutual Masturbation

By Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, CST

✨Masturbation Month Special✨

It’s still #masturbationmonth and we’re still celebrating everything there is to love about self-love! Planned right, it can be super-fun and comes along with tons of health benefits, basically has no negative impact… and you don’t just have to do it alone! It’s actually one of the hottest sexual activities you can do with your partner to increase your intimacy. Think of it as Masturbation 2.0.

For this post, we asked Dr. Kristie Overstreet to answer all your questions about going solo… together.

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Sex, Pleasure, Relationships, Erotica, Pro Tips, Self Care, Sex Toys

Seduce Yourself: Taking Nudes as Sexual Self Empowerment

By Gabriela Herstik


Taking nudes can be a powerful way to connect more deeply with yourself and your body, it can be something that brings you and your partner closer together, or it can simply become a ritual of self-love and adoration. Read on for your B Swish guide to taking nudes.

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Sex, Pleasure, Relationships, Dating, Pro Tips, Sex Toys

An Intro to Lesbian Sex

By Jessica Buck


Provided consent is in place, taking your intimacy with someone to the next level means opening up a vulnerability that coincides with pleasure. We learn how to navigate this vulnerability with practice, but your first few times can be awkward and confusing, especially if you've received little to no true education on the physical and emotional logistics of "how to have sex." Let’s change that with a walk through of the basics of lesbian sex, because vulva on vulva action is worth the deep dive and frankly, it's the tits (pun intended).

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