To a new user, the world of sex toys can be a bit confusing; there's just such an array of options available. On top of the sheer selection of toys availble, there's so much more to consider: From making secure purchases online to simply bridging the topic with a partner. Hopefully, this guide can give you some insight into the world of sex toys in all of its facets. No need to blush or feel anxious - sex toys can enliven your sexual experience alone as well as free you from falling into a routine when it comes to partnered sex. So let's get a little kinky and take a walk on a the more intimate side of sex for a moment. Keep up, you don't want to get left behind for this lesson!

1. Basics - Everything You Want and Need to Know About Sex Toys
Do you know what you’re looking for when it comes down to finding a great, long-lasting sex toy? The fact is, so many folks lack the knowledge on what they need and want when it comes to getting a high- quality sex aid. Our guide will answer some more common questions.
Get over it! The benefits outweigh the worry. If you’re going to enjoy using sex toys, you're just going to have to get over your insecurities about it - you simply can’t be scared to try something new. It can be a great adventure for couples who want to enhance intimacy and heighten the orgasmic experience without a doubt, but also great for learning about your own pleasure. Additionally, for anyone who has never had a full orgasm—the right sex toy can definitely make it happen. There's nothing inherently dirty or abnormal about sex, pleasure or the tools we use to get us there. One aspect of this is to give couples a way of expressing a higher level of intimacy with one another or to help individuals enjoy a solo sexual experience.
Within the last 10 years, the sex toy industry has grown by leaps and bounds and to become super mainstream. Part of the mainstreaming of the adult industry is that you no longer have to go seedy location to get your products-- whew! Today there are a variety of ways to buy sex toys—which is a major plus for couples and individuals alike who want to ensure privacy:  from sex-positive brick-and-mortar shops to making secure purchases online, from ordering from a smart device or making that traditional catalogue phone orderthere are many ways to shop and buy! 
Are you intrigued? Well, if  you’re ready for a life-changing  sexual experience—let’s go! You’ll love what lies ahead; learn how a sensuous toy can add real pleasure to your sexual life - solo or partnered.

2. Let’s talk safety! A Little More Information about Sex Toys
Variety really does add spice to your sex life. Whether new to it all or a seasoned explorer, this kind of sexual advenuture is fun and can definitely be a little bit awkward at times, which can in a sense be part of the fun itself. You should already be aware that different types of sex toys involve different levels of involvement to achieve the full effect. There are sex toys for multiple sex scenarios, all meant to delight and whet your whistle. Make sure to be safe when you use any kind of pleasuring toy: do your reaserch don’t be fooled by false advertising. 
The sex toy industry is underregulated, which can occasionally create... "mishaps." Without rules, guidelines and laws, it’s just common to find some issues with safe material and design on some of toys. It all depends upon where they come from. Legitimate manufacturers who provide the best quality toys usually provide very useful information on what they are made from as well as how to use them safely.  Be a pro-active, smart shopper and do your research. Safeguard your health by taking the time to read about a company and their sex products.Be excited about the toys you want to try out, but also know how the materials it's made from and how you use the toy can affect you. Keep your body safe and healthy- keep in mind these 5 points when you purchase and use any sex toys:


1. Sex toys aren’t always safer than body to body contact:  know who you’re buying from and what the products are made of

2. Don’t share sex toys that have any kind of porosity: these can be harder to clean and can hold onto bacteria that might make you sick

3. Sex toys can spread STIs: even though are just toys, they need to be cleaned and sterilized between each use

4. Sex toys are safer and healthier to use when you use them with a condom

5. Sex toys should be kept clean and covered when not in use: avoid germs and other unhealthy bacterial growth

For hygenic purposes, toys should be cleaned between each use. Just as different types of toys can offer up different sensations, toys made of different materials require different types of care. When it comes to care, an easy option is water proof toys. Because you can run them under the tap, you’ll find these are easier to clean. Be sure to research ahead of time the specifics for each toy! 

3. The Secretive Female Orgasm

Okay, basics? Check. Safety tips? Check. Let’s turn to something a little saucier.  Obviously, sex toys are amazingly good for stimulating a variety of orgasms- that's why they were invented right?  Anyone would likely confirm that they’d like to have more orgasms than what they currently do; and with a delicious approach, sex toys can offer just that. Who can say no to that? Men normally have no problem reaching orgasm, but for many, many women this is different. Orgasm can feel out of reach for many women. However, exploring different toys to discover exactly what turns you can make it possible to reach the perfect sexual peak each time, like clockwork...  and maybe it might be more than one. And you might experience that there are types of orgasms, that each feels different in a variety of nuanced ways. Generally, there are 4 main female orgasms and dependig on what you are keen on experiencing, these types may help you decide on what toys you want to get.

1. The Clitoral Orgasm - There are more women who reach climax through stimulation of the external female genitalia than with intercourse alone; this is a common fact all across the globe. With this in mind, you might be drawn to sex toys that have external stimulators attached to them for that extra stimulation. This hidden little pleasure organ known as the (clitoris) is an erogenous zone for women. It is a sweet spot that is perfect for solo stimulation and during intercourse with a partner. If these are the orgasms you’re after, then you might want to consider sex toys that are also handheld. Some of the ideal choices are those that fit in the palm of your hand with multiple vibrations to choose from. This can also heighten the actual intercourse experience as well; and even intensify the sensations.

2. The Vaginal Orgasm - Some women are lucky and can achieve powerful orgasms through vaginal penetration alone. Of course, this type of female orgasm isn’t as sensual or intimate as the previous. Vaginal orgasms don’trequire caressing, kissing, or close intimacy at all. Just the power of penetration and movements of the other partner can award spine-tingling orgasm. If the G-spot is reached and stimulated, then a natural vaginal orgasm will happen. This can be with just the male member alone, or a sex toy included. 30% of women do achieve body shaking orgasms this way, though there is still a lot of mystery surrounding these. Most women might want to choose a sex toy that has a flat head fixed to easily reach the G-spot if they hope to achieve climax. There are multiple vibrators made this way, and which also can offer clitoris stimulation too! It is very possible a woman can have a double orgasm with extra stimulation applied. Let’s not forget that men and women do experience different levels of pleasure in varying ways, but a couple can have a joint orgasm together, if timed right. It’s all about the timing!

3. The Blended Orgasm - Wouldn’t’ it be magical if you could experience an orgasm so powerful it made your toes curl and left you weak and shaky for half an hour? You can experience this, and you can enjoy a sex toy that will help get you there too. With the right kind of vibrator, you can stimulate two erogenous zones at the same time and achieve an amazing orgasmic experience! With clitoral and vaginal stimulation, this can be unforgettable for a woman. Believe it or not, the dual action, powerful style sex toys (or vibrators) are what many couples depend on for this very powerful climax. Most find they need a toy that is suited for the woman-on-top position. This can sometimes be a strap on vibrator, or one that the man holds himself. The key here is to find the ideal position that allows the partner full access to the clitoris, while also allowing access of a sex toy to the G-spot. If you can do this then the magic will happen. This can be one of the most mind blowing experiences you might ever have sexually.

4. Multiple Orgasms - Clearly, women do have a hand up on men here. After a man ejaculates he simply can’t perform sex immediately after. A woman, however, is ready and waiting for more. She is wired differently from a man. While it takes a woman longer to have a climax, she can enjoy it longer and more often than a man. Multiple orgasms are normally in succession of one another, and are a possibility for both partners. When it comes down to what sex toy to choose, wearable vibrating massagers or the very best for couples. This allows a man to provide finger stimulation, or full on penetration and thrusting action. Multiple orgasms do take a lot of planning, and of course timing. You have to feel confident about your body for these to happen too. If you use foreplay, communication and you relax your body, both partners will achieve these magnificent orgasms!

Depending on what you want to experience, you can look into toys made from different types of materials:

1. Plastic and ABS vibes - hard, extreme sensation to the G-spot.  Amazing for vaginal orgasms

2. Silicone vibrators - warm to the touch fast and are soft and silky smooth. Very sensuous, sexy and lifelike sensations.

3. Rubber or jelly sex toys - can be fun and enticing, but not always the perfect choice for multiple orgasms.

This is a basic guide to figuring out your first steps to getting the right toy for you, but the best way to start out on a quest for a great sex toy is to understand your own body. Ask yourself how big you want your vibrator to be, how long, how powerful, and what function do you want it to serve. If you want something tiny and discreet, you can have it. If you want something to use with a partner, you can have it.  IIf you want a sex toy that can allow you to have intercourse while using it, there are multiple options available. In the end it is up to the couple or individual— there are sex toys available for anyone and everyone willing to take a step into a more exciting and fulfilling sex life. Disappointment and dissatisfaction are simply never an option! 

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