By Jordana Lipsitz


It’s been a HECK of a year. We might just all need a magical Christmas/Hanukah/Winter Solstice to counteract 345-ish days of existential depression and consistent dread. We’re talking thoughtful presents! We’re talking New Years Eve nookie! We’re talking eggnog and volunteering at community Christmas dinners and good will toward (wo)men. The whole chestnut, preferably roasting on an open fire.

For now, it’s time to focus on the *presents* portion of the season. If anything in this life is clear it’s that intention is important. We could all use some American-made beauty, positivity, and sexiness this holiday season. Am. I. Right? Please, grab your wallet from your crumpled floor pants, pull out a card (no, not that one that one) and join me on this glorious buying spree.


    1. Protect Ya Puss Crop Top

    Thundress’ online store boasts proudly, “We don't want toxic chemicals in our cooters anymore, and we thought maybe you didn't either.” Well, Thundress, that is a very valid assessment of what I want. This company, launched in 2015 with a Kickstarter, makes “coochie friendly” underwear. With the bold pronouncement of “Protect ya puss” on this dope crop they showcase this sex-positive attitude. It never hurts to remind a friend about self-care and puss protection with the purchase of a well-cut crop top.

    Protect Ya Puss Crop Top, $18, Available on Thundress