The Best Vibe for Your Zodiac Sign

We get it; sometimes you just wanna get off. In our opinion, sex toys are the perfect way to amp up your sex life, adding some extra good vibes whether you’re going solo or with a partner. Vibrators are a vagina-owning persons’ best friend, but with so many delicious and delectable options out there, the question isn’t if to start but where? We’ve turned to the cosmos for a little sexy inspiration, to help match up each zodiac sign with a vibrator that is sure to blow them away. Read on for your match made in heaven.


♈ Aries (March 21- April 19) - Bwild Classic Marine

Never one to turn down a little heat, Aries wants seduction but also plenty of fire. Not happy with picking between different types of stimulation, the ram wants it all; so that’s they get! The BWild Classic Marine is an updated version of the classic rabbit; except this one is only 6 inches tall and waterproof, so you can take it with you wherever your next adventure or rendezvous takes you. Add some body safe candles or blindfolds to the mix next time you whip this baby out to really amp up the heat!


♉ Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Bteased Basic

One of two signs ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about pleasure and feeling good. But as an earth sign, you also have the tendency to love relaxing and receiving, which makes the Bteased Basic perfect for you. This vibrator slips onto your finger to help unleash any and all your pillow princess fantasies. Simply lay back and let this babe do its work. With its ridges and five powerful settings, this vibe is perfect for a quickie or a long, drawn out solo session. Plus it’s waterproof, so you can even amp up your next bath for some true luxury.


♊ Gemini ( May 21 – June 20) Bwild Deluxe Bunny

Air sign Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac, always thinking about how to make the most of an experience. The BWild Deluxe Bunny is perfect for the Gemini who wants to try something new while also driving themselves wild. The six function vibrator features two tips to help stimulate the clitoris, playing perfectly with the glyph of the Gemini, the twins. And since Gemini is all about collaboration, ask your boo thing or lover to play with you and your toy to really help you feel something new.


♋ Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Bcute Classic Pearl

You’re cute and sensitive, Cancer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to pack a punch. The BCute Classic Pearl is like you; sweet, simple and with a twist. This small vibrator is perfect for when you want to cum with ease, thanks to its five settings and ridge shape. Bring this into the bath with you and add some rose petals and Epsom salts, to really channel your water sign magick and help you come back into your body. The unexpected shape will give you a variety of sensations that are sure to leave you breathless.


♌ Leo (July 23 – Aug 23) Bcharmed Basic Plus

You’re not the king of the jungle for nothing, dear Leo. We know you love power and innovation which is why the Bcharmed Basic Plus is just up your alley. This dual ring with its strong mini motor is perfect for both solo and partner play. If you’ve been wondering how you can amp up your sex game in new, and unexpected way, then this is for you. It’s easy to wear, with a flexible stretch for a fit so snug you’ll be on your way to lasting longer in no time. Five luscious vibration patterns bring stronger erections, and simultaneous clitoral pleasure.


♍ Virgo (August 23 – September 22)-Bthrilled Classic

Earth sign Virgo is all about sensuality, and sticking to what you know works, which makes the BThrilled Classic right up your alley. This wand style vibrator is perfect for all the power queens out there, or pillow princesses who want to cum with as little commitment as possible. Have your sweetie use this on you, or treat yourself with it to explore new dimensions of pleasure. The waterproof wand has five settings, so it’ s sure to appease your love of everything tried and true, while still bringing a sense of adventure to the bedroom.


♎ Libra (September 23 – October 22)- Bdesired Deluxe Pearl

Like Taurus, you’re ruled by Venus. This means you’re all about feeling good and enjoying sexuality for all it’s worth, which makes the BDesired Deluxe Pearl the perfect match for all your fantasies. The slightly ridged shape is sure to tantalize your senses, and the curved head is perfect for hitting your Gspot. Use this six-setting vibe for all the instant gratification, or since it’s waterproof, take it into the bath to really tap into your inner Venusian self.


♏ Scorpio(October 23 – November 21) Bnaughty Premium Unleashed

Scorpio, you’re one of the naughtiest signs of the zodiac, and probably the most obsessed with sex. But you’re still a water sign, which means you appreciate depth and intimacy, which is why the Bnaughty Premium Unleashed is the ultimate match for you and your partner. This remote controlled vibe means you can wear this babe out in public and have your partner tease and taunt you. Or you can just use it on yourself, enjoying seven powerful settings on your own, in the bath, the bed, or wherever else your curiosity may lead you.


♐ Sagittarius (Novemeber 22- December 1) –Bgee Classic Plus

You’re the weirdo and innovator of the zodiac, dear air sign Aquarius, which means that you’re all about trying the unexpected, weird and downright freaky. This means the Bgee Classic Plus is your match made in vibrator heaven. This vibrators bulbous head is made to stimulate your G Spot, while still tantalizing and teasing you. And since the body of it vibrates, and it’s waterproof and features five settings, you can really get as creative and kinky as you want. Add some impact play or a blindfold to really drive your senses wild.


♑ Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Bcurious Premium

Capricorn, you’re an earth sign and all about what’s working and practical, but that doesn’t mean you’re into having a boring sex life. The Bcurious Premium is the perfect ally for when you want to enjoy yourself with ease. This powerful handheld vibe has a ridge shape that fits into the palm of your hand, letting you be in control of how you receive sensation. And since this features seven powerful functions and is waterproof, you can really customize what you like.


♒ Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) -Bgee Classic

You’re all about vision and exploration, Sagittarius, which means you need a sex toy that’s as groundbreaking as you are. Thankfully the BGee Classic is here to answer all your prayers. The G Spot vibrator is sure to spark your inner flame (you are a fire sign after all), helping you blast off on new paths of bliss. Pick from six powerful functions to help you really dive into what gets you off, and since this babe is waterproof, you can take her wherever adventure leads you.


♓ Pisces- (February 19 – March 20)- Bnear Classic

Water sign Pisces is all about emotional intimacy, intuition and connection which means the double bullet vibrators on the Bnear Classic are sure to please. Use this baby solo, or share it with a partner for another way to connect deeply. The two vibrators means double the pleasure, so don’t be shy in asking for what you want. With five intense functions, and a waterproof body, only your creativity is the limit, so dive in dear water sign.