The Best is Yet to Come: New Year, New Feels, and a Fresh Start at B Swish

Earlier this year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with the rerelease of the intimate massager that started it all for us: the B Cute Classic. When B Swish launched a decade ago here in Los Angeles, California, we were one of the innovators. We managed to offer body-safe silicone and beautifully designed products for women at budget-friendly prices. It was almost revolutionary back then when the only affordable offerings were jelly-toys and cheap plastics. Thankfully, times have changed and the pleasure product industry has evolved, too. Body-safe products are the norm now instead of just a select few with high price tags.


Ten Years Strong

For ten years, we have been standing by our original philosophy to provide body-safe, pleasure delivering, intimate massagers with modern designs to women. Sometimes our product development meetings can get heated as we discuss how to achieve it all without compromise. However, our team remains committed to the philosophy. So much so even our premium massagers are priced well under $100. Our latest updates to the Bnaughty Premium Unleashed and Bcurious Premium vibes were no exception to this policy. We coated them with luxe nonporous silicone, kicked the vibration quality up a few notches and improved overall functionality based on feedback from customers and bloggers and stayed away from gimmicks. During those tough meetings, one question remained our touchstone: What is our goal? The answer today is the same as it was ten years ago: Deliver more orgasms!


Sexual wellness. Sex positivity. Equality.

These topics have been on everyone's tongues louder than ever in 2017. We won't get into the politics of it now, but here at B Swish, we are all in. We wholeheartedly supported healthy sexual empowerment a decade ago, and we continue to support it now. With that in mind, we've resolved to be inclusive of all genders and sexualities on the spectrum in 2018 and beyond. With this in mind, we are launching our very first prostate massager in January: the Bfilled Deluxe. While all of our products can be considered unisex, we hope to add more pleasure products for men to our collection. We wish we were able to share everything we have planned for the new year, but this thing about product development confidentiality is keeping our lips sealed for now.


Use Your Words

While we continue to focus on product development and quality control, we also resolve to raise our voices on this blog, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter. In addition to talking about our products and how to use them creatively, we will open up these platforms to share topics of health, relationships and sex… and all that that entails. Sex, of course, will remain the core of this blog. Serious, humorous, sexual, and educational—the tone will depend on the topic at hand. Instead of rehashed sex-biz mumbo-jumbo and cliché turns-of-phrase, we promise to present a carefully curated voice in the new year.


Full Spectrum Pleasure

We are reminded of a recent conversation in which we were asked how our business is doing. Still making many women very happy. Moving forward, we'll be inviting all ends of the gender and sexuality spectrum into our circle of happiness. After all, we are in the business of delivering orgasms and as Charles Eames once suggested, we take everyone's pleasure seriously.


Want to Collaborate?

Want to collaborate or have a topic you would like to write about? We are all-ears, so Email us here!