The B Swish Holiday Gift Guide: Heat Things Up this Holiday Season!

Hello to all the good boys and girls and anyone in between! The holiday season is right around the corner and whether you are hoping to make it onto Santa’s naughty list, craving an exciting exploration for the season, or just looking for something fun to play with as the creeping cold drives us further indoors then we have some suggestions for you. What better gift could you give to you, your boo, and your BFF too besides the gift of an endorphin rush in the aftermath of an orgasm? It’s been a tough year for many of us and I can’t encourage you enough to consider taking charge of your sexuality, your own pleasure, and your bodily autonomy. ‘Tis the season to spread joy and all that, so consider spreading the type of joy that often accompanies spreading legs and cheeks as well! >Before we jump right in let it be known that almost all of these products are good for male and female users, despite the categories that we have broken them up into for this blog. Also, I, the writer, am a woman in a romantic relationship with a man and that experience has informed the framing of these lists.


Gifts for Your Boo

Bfilled Deluxe - Prostate Massager

Let it be known - the Bfilled Deluxe doubles as a rabbit massager! This is the number one thing that I recommend couples get for shared play. No matter what your anatomy, this toy gives you both the option to explore your bodies and chase your orgasms wherever they might be located. It is elegant and body-safe - which should hopefully help convince any skittish-types to open themselves up and try something new. ($55.99).

Bcharmed Basic Plus - Penis Ring

Penis rings are something I am a huge fan of because it’s a gift that goes both ways. They are fun to play with even if your partner doesn’t have a penis - this product can also be attached to traditional or g-spot style vibrators to add clitoral stimulation. It pairs really well with our Bdesired Deluxe for this purpose. The enhanced experience is going to keep your hands on each other all winter long! The Bcharmed Classic is soft silicone and comfortable for both parties involved. Plus, it boasts the 5-function motor masters that allows both partners to finely hone their shared experience. ($15.99)

Gifts for Your BFF

Bteased Basic - Finger Vibe

An easy-access not-too-scary toy that should, frankly, be in everybody’s toy box. It’s diverse in potential and highly-portable. The Bteased Basic allows the user (whether that’s you or a partner), to act as a sexual sniper, to pinpoint and enhance exactly what it is that you like best. Made from soft silicone that not only feels great, but is easy to clean. This is part of the whole “highly-portable” thing. This little finger vibe can follow you all over the world for the rest of the year. Happy Holidays! ($15.99)

Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed - Wireless Remote Massager

It’s waterproof! This is a perfect gift for your close friend that you enjoy swapping stories, tips, and tricks with. The Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed is like a sexual video game that comes complete with remote control and multiple levels to take on and defeat over the course of your playtime. A great gift for single friends or couples because it’s never not a good time. Dare your friend to experiment with how far away the remote control works and expect a full report. ($54.99)

Bcurious Premium - External Massager

The Bcurious Premium is the gift of class. It’s the Bswish version of a little black dress and will probably bring your friends more satisfaction. It is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, so you can also think of the Bcurious Premium as pushing your friend in the direction of self-exploration and actualization. It is made from a 100% body-safe silicone coating that feels like plush and is guaranteed to spark fireworks! Plus, it’s rechargeable - go ahead and get the most out of it! ($79.99)

Gifts for You

Bwild Classic - Rabbit Style Massager

A classic. You know immediately what you are getting into with the Bwild Classic. It’s cute and recognizable immediately and will hopefully inspire you to explore your most rabbit-y instincts. Rabbits hibernate in the winter and rabbits like to have sex. You! Can! Too! Wrap yourself up in blankets and wrap yourself around a Bwild this holiday season. ($35.99)

Bthrilled Classic - Wand Massager

The Bthrilled Classic will make you feel like an ice queen in the dead of winter, with your pleasure in hand even while it warms you up. In fact, it warms to the body temperature of the user. Like the Bwild, it’s a staple for a reason. Effective. AND teeny enough to travel with, while up to the big job of getting you off. ($39.99)

Bgee Classic - G-Spot Massager

Whether or not you are intimately familiar with your g-spot or still struggling to find it (no judgement here, that sucker is elusive), the Bgee Classic is the best tool to have in hand. It is smooth as satin and perfect at 7 inches for intimate exploration. If you are looking to get to know yourself and give the best gift imaginable, the BGee Classic is the way to go. ($28.50)

Bnaughty Premium Unleashed - Wireless Remote Massager

Small, but mighty! The Bnaughty Premium Unleashed is something you can bring with you for those times when you need a quick pick-me-up after surviving that gruelling work party you didn’t really want to go to, but absolutely had to. This toy is often referred to as a “bullet”, which should give you an idea of just how powerful this little girl is. Best used in conjunction with your favorite spot. Good luck giving this up in a New Year’s Resolution! ($79.99)


These sexy gifts will bring you all the good tidings and joy those songs told us to expect at this time of year! Love and make love!