Take Your Sex Toy Game from Mundane to Magic with the Bcurious Premium

As someone who knows what she likes both in and out of the bedroom, my relationship with sex toys is no different. While I have a few trusty vibrators and toys I can turn to when I need some pleasure pronto, I’ve been looking to invest and upgrade my sex life. Specifically, with a sex toy that won’t run out of battery when I’m mid-masturbation session. Though I do love internal toys, I’ve also been looking for an external vibe that does the trick without leaving my clit numb or making it feel like it’s going to fall off. Pretty much, my sex toy drawer needed an upgrade, and the Bcurious Premium came to the rescue to make that happen.


Clitoral Pleasure

Though most of my vibes double as dildos, meaning they can be used internally, the Bcurious Premium is different. This baby focuses all on external and clitoral pleasure, meaning it’s perfect solo or paired with an internal toy. The sleek external vibrator has a fin shape, a thick ridge and plenty of surface area to rub and grind against; something I’m not used to with my other toys. The body-safe vibrator features seven powerful functions, with intense vibration, from a continuous vibe to pulsating. Plus it’s rechargeable, which means no more worrying about batteries, and it’s waterproof so you can use it pretty much anywhere.


Intense Vibrations

When I first turned on the Bcurious, I was surprised at how intense the vibrations are. Personally, I like a strong sensations and was pleased at how quickly my body responded to this. But if you’re sensitive, there are plenty of pulsating modes that aren’t quite as powerful. Needless to say, make sure you have plenty of lube on hand to get the best experience possible with your toy!


Move and Grind

One of the first things I noticed with this toy was how easy it conformed to my body. Nearly any position is possible with the Bcurious. The slight curve of the fin with the point means that you can really target specific areas like the clit, or you can turn it around and use the wide surface area to cover more body. Although I love to lay on my side while I masturbate, many vibrators don’t allow me to target the area. That wasn’t the same with this toy, which allowed me to move and grind with ease. The ridge on the side of the vibrator also means you have a range of sensations that can be tailored to your preference; all you have to do is flip the toy and move it around. And since the Bcurious is still small and lightweight, and fits in the palm of your hand, you can switch between positions easily. This toy is also perfect to pair with impact play, bondage and wax play, or whatever other kinky fantasy you have. The easy, handheld shape makes it perfect for seduction and teasing, without being weighty or distracting.


Minimal Effort

When I’m not really in the mood for a long self-love session, I love using this toy on its own. Not only is it intense, and allows me to get into whatever position I want, but it also makes me cum fast with minimal effort required. All I need is some lube, ten minutes of alone time and my Bcurious Premium and I get to have a little death. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away, after all. Having a toy I can rely on is such an upgrade, and the fact I can plug it in when I’m done to recharge makes me excited for the next time I get to play with it.


Make it a Ritual

However, I love carving out even more time to make some self-love, including with other toys. I love to turn my masturbation sessions into rituals. I’ll play some relaxing music, light some candles and incense, start to breathe and then I’ll get ready to get it on. Sometimes this includes putting on lingerie (just to take it off,) some self-massage or breath work. Either way, I’ll grab my Bcurious Premium and turn it on and see where it takes me. Depending how I’m feeling, I’ll either grab a internal vibe with a bulbous head to stimulate my G-Spot, or I’ll grab my rose quartz Chakrub dildo. As I use the Bcurious to stimulate my clit, I’ll use another toy to stimulate my clit internally and G-Spot as well. If I’m using my masturbation session to manifest an intention, I’ll focus on this as I orgasm, sending out that sexual energy for whatever purpose I desire. Or, I’ll just breathe into the intensity and let my body feel what she feels. Either way, having the Bcurious Premium allows me to experience my own pleasure in a deeper way without pressure or worry.


Invest in Yourself

While many of us are willing to invest in ourselves, whether it’s clothing, for our job, health or whatever else, we often don’t think about our sex lives in the same way. But our sexual pleasure matters, and so do the toys we treat ourselves to. For $80, this external vibe will help you take control of your bliss and sexual power. I love this toy and am excited to have it as a staple in my sex toy arsenal, and I hope you all love it too.