Rub in the Tub: How Bathtub Sex Turns up the Heat


Some days call for a long shower, but when the day stretches you a little too thin, you may want to opt-in for a nice long bubble bath. While a relaxing soak in the tub may be just what you need to keep those grueling hours behind you, it may also be the perfect time to check in on your partner and see what kind of day they’ve had. Whether they’ve had a similar day from hell or a great one, having them join on the tub action can alleviate even more stress than you could have imagined. Hit the ultimate button on self-care and read on to see how B Swish can help you become an expert in bathtub sex if you do it right! 




Set the Mood 

I don’t care what they say. Taking a bath and a shower are two very different activities. One requires way more of an intentional mindset, and the ultimate goal of any bath is making sure you feel 10x better when you get out. 

So, in order to accomplish that for a party of two, you need to make sure to set the mood before dipping your toe in the water. This could mean lighting a candle, finding a relaxing playlist, or turning on those LED lights you keep forgetting about. No matter how you like to set the mood, take the extra step to make it a sensual experience that’ll let your partner know that this isn’t your ordinary bathtub but much more of a bathrub


Comfort for Two 

Whether you have a luxury clawfoot tub that can submerge a submarine or a classic 2 in 1 combo that offers a little less legroom, there are plenty of ways to make it hot and steamy. For comfort where you need it most, consider a spa pillow that can be used for a headrest or a cushion to keep you in a stable position. If you’re lucky enough to have an assistance handle in your bathtub, this might be the perfect opportunity to utilize that eyesore for much-needed leverage. 

Keeping the water temperature hot in the beginning might also be ideal if there’s a routine of foreplay taking place. The longer you’re in the tub, the cooler the water will be. The goal is to start off hot and end it hotter


Rocking the Boat   

You may have the bathtub experience down to a science when it comes to how much water perfectly submerged your body. But when you’re planning for another guest, too much water can turn into a splashy mess that leaves you with a mop in hand later. Keep in mind the water level and make sure it’s low enough that when the tub starts rocking, there’s no excessive overflow. 

Whether one person is on their back, and the other is straddling, or maybe someone took swim lessons in college and can magically hold their breath underwater for a safe amount of time, there’s an option for everyone to reach their climax. Consider positions that make it seamless for both partners to experience pleasure. The most common bathrub positions are cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and the lazy dog. 



A New Kind of Bathtub Toy 

While it’s not your childhood rubber duckie or mermaid tail, these bathtub toys can still send your imagination running wild. If you need some assistance in the pleasure department, incorporating sex toys will certainly enhance the bath time experience. 

Since we’re dealing with water in this activity, it’s best to steer clear of any heavy battery-powered items that can’t be thoroughly enjoyed underwater. This can be the perfect opportunity to use something small but mighty like the Bcharmed Basic Plus. The vibrating duel ring toy comes with a premium mini motor that builds a stronger erection and more stimulating orgasms. With five mesmerizing settings, you’ll both feel like you’re floating. 



Set up an Exit Strategy 

When the heat gets turned up to new temperatures, there’s no way to predict where it may lead next. In an effort to prevent any embarrassing slips on the way to the bedroom, be sure to have an exit strategy ready for relocation. While bringing an erotic fantasy to life is a fun way to keep your relationship thriving, nothing can pop that bubble faster than a nasty fall that prevents a part two from happening. 



 Keep an extra towel on deck to stop any accidents or messes when moving from the rub to the bed. Whether you want to embrace the role-playing for an under the sea fun or dry off to explore new lands, you’ll want to be ready for what’s to cum after a rub in the tub. 

Whether you’re looking to relieve some stress beyond the lavender bubbles or want to get closer with your partner in a new wet way, bathtub sex offers a different kind of intimacy. After going through the logistics of mapping out a smaller space for bigtime activity, you can start to feel confident in having underwater fun. Especially if you’re looking to change the scenery from the defaulted bedroom, the bathtub is a great place to explore new pleasures. 

Who says baths are only reserved for “me” time? Make bathtub sex a tradition and give your bathroom just as much action as the bedroom. No matter what size or styled tub you have, think of it as your waterbed that deserves some good use other than getting clean. When in doubt, if you ever get stuck on remembering best bathtub sex practices, just do as Beyoncé says and fill the tub up halfway, then ride it with your surfboard.