Plan the Perfect Date Night... With Yourself

Planning the Perfect Date Night…with Yourself

Self-care is currently making the rounds as the buzzword du jour in health and wellness circles, but what does the concept really mean? How do I practice self-care? And if everyone’s needs are unique, then how do I know what methods work best for me? Put quite simply, self-care is the act of doing something kind for yourself, something that sustains you, grounds you, and enhances your well-being. In today’s society, we are overworked, underpaid, and inundated with a never-ending stream of information (thanks social media!). But self-care isn’t all yoga classes and green juice (although those are lovely). It can be easy, relaxing and highly pleasurable. Our favorite self-care activity? You guessed it: masturbation!

Masturbating regularly is an easy way to de-stress; orgasms have been scientifically proven to boost endorphins like dopamine and oxytocin, ease menstrual cramps, and can help you get a good night’s sleep. It’s also great for getting comfortable with your body, discovering what turns you on, and increasing intimacy with your partner. Masturbation is cheap, easy, and has literally zero negative effects. And did we mention it feels freaking amazing?

As adults, most of us have honed our jilling-off skills to a science: we know what we like and how to reach the finish line without a second thought. But if your routine has gotten stale, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, we’ve got some tips for turning your typical self-pleasure session into an epic night for one. Here are our top tips for planning the perfect date night…with yourself.


Get Your Blood Pumping

Okay, I know the idea of exercising doesn’t automatically fill folks with joy, but bear with me here. Exercise not only releases the same powerful endorphins we get from masturbation, but it also helps us feel more grounded and connected to our own bodies. By treating ourselves well, we are practicing a form of self-love that can manifest as better health and a more confident self-image. Feeling better in your own body is what it’s all about.

If working up a sweat isn’t your thing, consider a more sensual form of exercise with our Bfit Classic love balls. These smooth weighted silicone balls help you train and tone your kegel muscles, which can lead to increased arousal. Plus, developing a stronger pelvic floor can enhance G-spot orgasms and sexual pleasure. Pop these in before your hot solo date and they’ll work as an arousing reminder of what’s coming next (spoiler: it’s you).


Set the Mood

It’s easy to treat masturbation like fast food: cheap, easy, and it gets the job done. But why shortchange yourself? Set aside ample time and create a five star ambiance designed to arouse and relax. Wash the sheets. Put on your favorite music. Make yourself a tasty snack. Take a bath and unwind. Light a scented candle, break out the massage oil and indulge in some aromatherapy. You can curate an entire evening of sensual experiences to prepare yourself for the main event. Go ahead and treat yourself…you deserve it.


Lube it Up

French fries without ketchup. Cake without frosting. Masturbation without lube. It just doesn’t measure up. Lube is the unsung hero of sex toys and masturbation, and something we recommend for everyone. Lube can ease friction and make every touch feel so much more intense and powerful. Not sure what lube works best for you? We recommend starting with a simple water-based, glycerin-free formula: it’s safe for all parts, toys and bodies. From there, you can experiment with different bases and textures and find the lube that fits your needs. Once you start making lube a part of your solo sex life, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.


Tools of the Trade

Sure, you can have great orgasms using only your fingers…but where’s the fun in that? Enhance your solo sex with one of our favorite toys. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our top picks:


For Powerful Pleasure in the Palm of your Hand: the Bcurious Premium

We love this ergonomically-designed external massager, which is uniquely contoured to stimulate the vulva. Enjoy both broad and pin-point stimulation with this smooth silicone vibe that features seven powerful modes of intensity. The Bcurious Premium is rechargeable with a battery that can last up to two hours, so you can take your time and enjoy yourself. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can take it into the tub for some relaxing self-satisfaction.


For A Luxurious G-Spotting Experience That Won’t Stress your Wallet: the Bgee Classic

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to feel like a million bucks. This classic G-spot massager features a contoured angle to stimulate your G-spot…and works just as well externally. This battery-operated vibe offers five modes of pulsation with a smooth waterproof surface you can enjoy anywhere.


For Boys Who Just Wanna Have Fun, Too: the Bfilled Deluxe

Men shouldn’t be excluded from the world of self-care and mindful masturbation! Treat yourself to this dual rabbit-style vibrator designed to massage the prostate and stimulate the perineum. The battery-powered Bfilled Deluxe features six powerfully strong modes of vibration in a smooth silicone body designed to satisfy.


So what are you waiting for? A sensual and satisfying night in is ready and waiting…the only thing missing is you.