I Tried THC Lube for the First Time and This is What Happened

Ever since I bought my first vibrator, I've been interested in trying all the variations of pleasure possible with masturbation. Finding the right vibrator was an adventure, so when a friend suggested I add THC lube to the mix, I was intrigued. I've heard stories about people using this type of lube during intercourse, as well as solo, but it never truly sparked my interest enough to purchase on my own. That is, until a friend gave me a sample and changed my life.

To preface, if you feel apprehensive about self-pleasure, just know that the act of exploring my body has been one of the most empowering journeys of self-discovery, awareness and care. I have found self-exploration to be vital to achieving one of the most satisfying sexual experiences: orgasm. You are the only person who can truly know the ins and outs of your body — it's your temple! So why not get comfy, relax, unwind and enjoy the ride.


The Groundwork

So, I've smoked cannabis and then masturbated, and I’ve eaten an edible and then masturbated, but I’ve never used cannabis lubrication topically for the enhanced pleasure. I'm also not one to try something new solely based off a recommendation, so I started out with some research on how THC lube can enhance a sexual experience.




Studies have shown that when you include cannabis in your sex life, the mixture effectively heightens the intensity of your orgasm by increasing your blood flow, natural lubrication, and arousal, as well as relaxing the body for a more open or shame-free experience. Your sex life shouldn't be surrounded by shame, but it often is. And while some people let loose when alcohol is involved, using cannabis to "let go and let flow" is an altogether different experience.

For one, your mobility skills are more intact, so you don't feel as disconnected bodily. Cannabis also brings a sense of mind expansion that can help you drop the barriers of what's acceptable in the bedroom. A nice cannabis high has helped me embrace my body and desires and be open to experiencing new things. This openness helped me grow to be comfortable in my own skin and own my sexuality.


The Exploration

Basically, I rubbed topical THC lube on my vagina and my rabbit vibrator and waited for it to kick in. It's recommended that you apply the lube to your external labia (and clitoris if you’re keen) and pleasure product (if you’re using one) 15-45 minutes prior to going to town. This will give your parts some time to get a lil’ high. I've also read that lube is rapidly absorbed through the anus, so that's something to consider.

Special note - be sure to use the correct lube for the experience you're crafting. That means no oil-based lubricants with latex condoms and no silicone lube with silicone pleasure products! However, water-based THC lube is safe to use for all.




I was able to feel the effects of the lube quickly. I noticed myself becoming aroused faster than usual with a warm, but not numbing sensation—like a faint hum on my lips. I began to feel the effects that I read about; the lube relaxed my vaginal muscles, like after you get a massage, when your whole body is in a euphoric state before coming back to reality. The nerves in my body heightened, and my breathing became shallower and quicker as my arousal increased. I paid close attention to my breathing, let that gradually increase my arousal and let the rabbit’s vibrations do their thing.


The Evaluation

My experience using the THC lube was amazing. It allowed me to focus on my body and all the sensations arising as I got inchingly higher and higher with each stroke of my toy. Instead of fantasizing about a past hook up or my dream guy rockin' my world, my attention was on how my body felt. I tried to stay in the moment for as long as possible, feeling all my nerves combine together to get to that next level. It was phenomenal. I was able to pinpoint what each touch of my vibrator did to a specific part of my body and feel the rollercoaster of intensity that was my body high, including the climax.

THE CLIMAX THOUGH. Have you ever noticed that when you keep your masturbation sessions going for an extended period, the climax isn't quite up to par with the buildup? Well, with THC lube, it was beyond my expectations. To be perfectly honest, my climax with THC lube was insane. I've never had an orgasm like that prior to using THC lube. I'm sure this is partly because it was my first time using THC lube, but I never expected my orgasm to increase exponentially.




My conclusion? Try out THC lube! Continue your research solo, find a brand that you're comfortable with, visit a sex shop and try some samples. It's all about trial and error, but I'm willing to bet that when it comes to trying THC lube to enhance a self-love session, there will be no error!

Go ahead, add a higher sensation to your sex life :)