Feeling Edgy: What Is Edging, Who's Doing It and Why

You might have come across the term, “edging” while discussing your sex life, or just researching new ways to enjoy sex in general. So, what exactly is edging? Edging is the practice of being brought to the brink, or edge, of orgasm, and then stopping the sexual simulation so that you don’t finish.

A lot of people might wonder why the hell someone wouldn’t want to orgasm. Well, it’s not about not wanting to orgasm, it’s about saving it for later. The whole appeal of edging is to create a bigger, better, more powerful orgasm once you’ve decided to come. Edging is not only about your own intense orgasm, but your partner’s as well. By withholding your own orgasm, you are giving your partner the chance to get there as well.



Edging is especially helpful for men, who might be more prone to ejaculating quickly. And sorry guys, but your recovery time after orgasm tends to be longer than us girls after an orgasm. Men are practicing edging to not only elongate the sexual experience for themselves and their partner, but to fully intensify their orgasm as well. Coming “hard” is an understatement when edging is involved. Don’t worry ladies, edging isn’t exclusively for men. Women who practice edging experience more intense orgasms as well. Of course, women are capable of multiple orgasms, so holding off on all of that possibility can definitely be rewarding. The “Big O” truly takes on a whole new life when it comes to edging.

There are actually a number of advantages to edging other than the fantastic finish. You can prolong the duration of sex. Sure, there are times when you want to finish fast. They don’t call it a “quickie” for nothing. However, there are times you want to be all over each other for hours. For men, edging can mean more cum, which can not only be a turn on, but can be helpful in cases of attempting to get pregnant. Edging may even be able to aid in fighting erectile dysfunction, as it increases blood flow.

There are a few disadvantages to edging. While there are no known health hazards, from a partnership standpoint some couples feel it can take them out of the moment. This is likely due to the fact that once you think you are about to finish, you have to stop any simulation, depending on how close you are to orgasm. Sometimes just stopping sex can take you out of the moment altogether. You could run the risk of losing your momentum, and possibly end up starting from square one. However, this possibility seems to be quite rare.

People who edge tend to love it and advocate for the experience. It is a sexual practice inclusive of all sexualities, and honestly it’s perfect to do when you’re going solo. Edging during masturbation is a great way to practice orgasm control for when you’re with a sexual partner. This way, you know what levels to bring yourself to so that you can properly edge without finishing too soon. After all, practice does make perfect. Utilizing sex toys is a great way to practice edging, as it can get you to the brink of orgasm a lot faster than self-stimulation. Toys like the Bmine Classic Curve, or the Bcute Classic are the perfect bedroom pals to bring you right to the edge. Handheld and in your control, your little silky, nonporous stimulant will make you an edging pro. Men can jump on the toy bandwagon with the Bcharmed Basic Plus.

When it comes to edging along with your partner, it might be super-hot to allow your partner to be in control of your orgasm. The Bnaughty Classic Unleashed comes with a wireless remote that you can hand over to your partner. Let them know when you’re just about to come so they can turn it off and you can further the buildup to the Big O.




Living on the edge is a great way to reach peak sexual satisfaction. Whether you decide to edge solo, with a partner, or even with a few partners, edging is pretty awesome for all. Edging seems to be a pro-partner, pro-orgasm practice, and will hopefully be something you’ll suggest in the bedroom during your next romp.