Cannabis and Sex

Yes We Can(nabis and Sex)

If I had to wager a guess, I’d say the majority of us go about our lives feeling unfulfilled in some way, be it physical or emotional. I would also wager that some of us use cannabis to decompress and ease the anxiety that comes with daily struggle.

Rocket science it is not. The Grind does actually wear us down if we forget to check in with ourselves once in a while. We currently find ourselves (still) in interesting (hellscape) times and searching for (hopefully healthier) ways to cope. There’s good and bad tension building all the time, and both have their own types of release.

Sex definitely relieves the good tension, and if that’s your only end goal, cool. If you want to go on a potentially mind-opening journey and forget your own name as you let off said steam, this post is for you. It’s also for those who are canna-curious and have heard the hype. (Guess what? It’s hyped for a reason!)

At the time of publication, 33 American states have legalized medical marijuana, and ten states have legalized recreational marijuana use. What’s already more simultaneously medicinal and recreational than sex alone? *checks notes* Not a lot. Throw cannabis in the mix and the list of reasons to be about it becomes longer than a Dr. Bronner’s label.


When Inspiration Sparks

If you hold reservations about incorporating cannabis use in the boudoir, one 2017 study reported a 20% increase in sexual activity among daily cannabis smokers, compared to their non-canna-consuming peers. And 68% of women have reported increased pleasure during sex after smoking cannabis.

The cannabis industry’s estimated worth currently sits at about $10 billion, expected to reach over $146 billion by 2025. What a time to be a canna-seur! You’re incredibly spoilt for choice. And, if you’re in LA like us, it’s also easy to become overwhelmed at how quickly we went from nickel bags of dirt to engraved rose gold pens with shiny, lab-created formulas.



Mother Necessity kept it coming and we’ve invented some of the most potent and couch-melting strains, edibles, and topicals to ever hit the market. Vape pens are everywhere, and why not. They’re cute, discreet, give you the hits you need, and you don’t smell like a dispensary if you don’t want to.

In an effort to make it slightly less daunting, I humbly offer my own recommendations to guide you into next-level sexy times.


It Ain’t Easy Being Green

**Disclaimer time! Before we jump in, if you have not had any experience with cannabis (it’s completely fine if you haven’t), I very strongly suggest having a trial session with whichever form you plan to use. Everyone’s bodies react differently to every strain and formula, and your tolerance or choice of green may not be the same as your partner’s. Starting with small doses is always much safer.**

While there are many new and flashy ways to consume the devil’s lettuce and its extracts, I’m a woman of simpler tastes. I stick to flower, edibles, topicals, and vape pens, so that’s what I’ll focus on here. (Dab rigs feel a little tedious for this purpose, but I do not judge if that’s how you wanna ride. Go forth, space ranger.)



These are fun to have in your back pocket in case a date goes well and not back at your place. I find the bliss and arouse pens by dosist set the mood in a really relaxing, vibey way. You get a precision-measured dose with each intake, that way you don’t take too much. It alerts you when your dose intake is finished with a gentle (and kind of fun) buzz to the lips.





We’ve called it many things: grass, green, bud, and “sticky icky”. Newly progressed (and highly respected) cultivation methods have since matured our slang terminology to call the dried plant you grind and light up something prettier: flower.

If you don’t already know your tolerance levels and reactions to various strains, it’s good to start getting familiar. Sites like Leafly and A Proper High are great resources for reviews, ratings, and glossary terms. I know my body’s tolerance well enough by now that my sweet spot tends to be a nice 50/50 hybrid strain like Chiquita Banana. For a more stamina-driven session, I’m very confident in what Blue Dream brings to the table. (And bed.)



I’m a big fan of gummies and chocolate. It can be dangerous because they are delicious and you could easily zone out and eat more than you should. It’s fairly common for edibles to start at doses of 5mg THC (each piece), which I absolutely insist on if you’ve never tried edibles. My favorite gummies are the Kiva Camino in Blenheim Apricot flavor. I also love a good dark chocolate with sea salty almond goodness, and recommend IncrediMed, also 5mg THC each piece.

Also...PLEASE communicate with your partner and don’t sneak up on them with a Surprise Special Brownie because it’s a cute idea. THC tolerance is not something to play with, especially if your partner is not experienced with cannabis.



Foria makes an amazing THC-based lubricant called Pleasure that has been known to enhance not just sex, but your orgasms. The only catch is it’s not water-based. It’s coconut-oil based, and it will absolutely annihilate condoms, so please take note if condoms are currently your primary form of contraception. It’s surprisingly not compatible with silicone pleasure products either, and therefore safer to with non-porous, toys made from body-safe ABS plastic instead.

However, because the Foria lube is made from completely natural ingredients, it’s completely safe to ingest orally. I typically spray three times under the tongue, which has consistently relaxed me just the right amount. Foria also makes a hemp-CBD oil, cannabis-derived THC/CBD suppositories, and hemp-CBD suppositories, which can be used vaginally or anally. 




Have a Green Old Time

Depending on where you are in your sexual journey, you may decide cannabis isn’t for you, and that’s okay. You don’t always have to do what everyone else is talking about if it’s not your vibe. Respect.

If you’ve come this far and are still keen on the green, do a little self-check-in of your mental and emotional space regarding sex. Perhaps you’re starting out and still finding your groove and feel some green on the scene could help you find it. Or maybe you have well and truly established your groove and want to kink it up a few notches. Either way, this calls for some research!

As always, be safe, be free, and have fun.