Affordably Giftable Vibes for Any Gal or Guy in Your Life (AKA You!)

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It's that time again. Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift to fire up the romance or you're an independent woman who doesn't need anyone to buy her gifts. Whether you're spoiling your bae or treating yo'self. Get inspired by our list of affordably giftable pleasure products that will still make your S.O. or your best friend (or you!) feel special.


The All-Around-General-Muse

Stay in bed forever with our Bthrilled Classic wand massager. Designed with power-hungry women in mind, it can deliver over-the-top pulsing pleasure to men, too. Intuitive to use together or apart, its five vibration patterns roar in strength but not in sound. The Bthrilled Classic is a no-brainer for orgasmic solo play but it's also a luxurious enhancement for couples playtime. For the gents, try gently massaging your scrotum with the Bthrilled's extra-smooth head to kick your pleasure up a notch. Revel in endless possibilities as you explore all of your erogenous zones with this trusty bedroom staple.


The Partner-in-Crime

When it comes to shaking things up for couples, our recently updated Bnaughty Premium Unleashed is the absolute fave of everyone at B Swish. Put your pleasure in your partner's hands with a wearable wireless bullet massager. Surrender control in so many places- from the bedroom to the pool, or even in a three-star Michelin restaurant if you're daring. Let your creative urges roam and make your night on the town with your significant other (or yourself) the hottest sexual experience.


The Insatiable Explorer

Who wants to open the same gift every day? We sure don't, and for anyone else looking to switch things up, take your climax to the next level with our Bfilled Classic Unleashed. Opening a new door can be scary, but our thoughtfully designed tapered massager with flared base makes it easy to receive the gentle vibrations of this smoothly curved, wirelessly controlled massager. If this is your first time unwrapping this kind of pleasure, try playing solo with plenty of lube at first to train your muscles.



Do you know a friend who could use some tender love and care? Someone who is always on-the-go and could use some quality me-time? Send some love her way with our self-care essential: the Bcute Classic Pearl. Slightly bigger than Tom Ford's lipstick yet equally as stylish, the only thing that's petite about this intimate massager is its size. A perfect clitoral stimulator without bells and whistles, the Bcute comes with a slim-fit tailored pouch so it can travel from her bedside drawer to the bottom of her carry-on bag without a fuss.


The Instaqween

#Iconic gals go wild for our Bwild Deluxe Bunny. Made infamous by "Sex and the City," our Bwild Deluxe Bunny is a take on the rabbit vibe that would hook any IRL #WokeCharlotte. Experience exceptional g-spot arousal and tempting clitoral sensations with this thoughtfully designed, Insta-worthy dual tool. Gift with caution! You might have to stage a rabbit-intervention in the near future!


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