The Best Plug for Your Body

There's a reason booty play is all the rage with sex educators and pleasure enthusiasts as of late. Plenty of folks have been experimenting with back door stimulation for ages, of course, but this ultra-pleasurable play mode is just now losing its unfairly taboo status.

Depending on your level of experience, however, anal can be a bit of a confusing adventure. The anus, while full of pleasure-loving nerve endings, is a sensitive organ that requires proper preparation and practice to work up to an orgasmic experience or full-on anal sex with a partner (if that's your goal, anyway).

If you're floundering around the wide world of sex toys, wondering which butt plugs, vibrators, or prostate stimulators are right for your bum, let the B Swish sexperts guide you. We've compiled a must-have list of the most comfortable, safe and stimulating anal pleasure products for novices, intermediate, and advanced bedroom explorers.


Start with the Basics

If you're brand new to butt play or simply prefer something smooth and small, the BFilled Basic is the plug for you. Crafted in body-safe silicone, this easy-to-use, non-vibrating butt plug features a gentle, tapered shape that slides in comfortably with a little water-based lubricant. For folks with a prostate, Bfilled Basic's curved, bulbous tip provides just the right amount of pressure on your P-spot.

Lube up your bum and try stroking your penis or vulva while carefully inserting this beginner's plug, or just teasing the outside of your anus until you're ready to step up to penetration.


Make Waves with the Perfect 2nd Plug

Already past the beginner's stage of anal play? Take anal pleasure to the next (but still gentle) level with the BFilled Basic Plus Wave, a beginner-to-intermediate style plug with a touch of texture.

Without vibrations to distract your bum, you'll feel every single wave of this moderate-sized, traditional-style butt plug, which is ringed with rows of texture. Insert this toy slowly so you'll feel the caress of each 'bump' as it slides inside your body.

Once securely rooted in your rectum, this plug stays in place during the sexual activity of your choice with a t-shaped stem that anchors in your bum crack.


Ready for Something New? Add Vibrations!

The BFilled Classic Unleashed does exactly what its name suggests: unleashes your anal pleasure potential.

Once you're ready to really up your butt play game, this vibrating plug brings 5 functions to the field that'll knock your climax out of the park.

Even better, this beginner-to-advanced level anal toy activates with remote control for hands-free solo sessions or sneaky partner play. Hand the remote to a lover and let them tease you by dialing the intensity up and then down to find your desired stimulation style.


Expand Your Pleasure Capacity with a Rabbit-Style Anal Toy

A dual-stim, rabbit-style sex toy for butts? Yep, we totally went there!

The BFilled Deluxe is the ultimate in anal vibration, gentle stretching, and double-stimulation for all bodies.

For prostate owners, this 6-speed vibrator is tops. Bfilled Deluxe's thick, curved shape presses against the P-spot, massaging it with internal vibrations, while the exterior motor arm adds pleasant pressure to the perineum, aka the 'taint.'


Folks with vaginas can enjoy this toy, too, both for anal or vaginal play (as long as you're thoroughly washing it in-between uses). Use the thick shaft to penetrate the anus while the smaller arm tickles your taint or the opening of the vagina. Give the Bfilled Deluxe a hearty washing-up and then try it out as a traditional rabbit-style vibe, with the thick arm massaging and penetrating the vagina while the external stimulator vibrates against the clitoris.