Sex & the City & the Quarantine

Sex & the City & the Quarantine: What We’ve Learned About Ourselves in Isolation

It’s now January 2021, and, just like that, the United States has been in some semblance of quarantine for almost a year now. Workplaces have gone remote, masks have become a trendy fashion statement, class is now in session via Zoom, and the landscape surrounding sex and dating has changed dramatically. I couldn’t help but wonder - during a year in isolation, how have we grown in our relationships with our partners and with ourselves? How have we gotten acclimated to the “new normal” in ways we might not have even noticed in regards to our dating and sex lives? How have we become closer with our bodies and ourselves during this time of forced solitude?

Here are a few of the lessons we’ve learned about ourselves and our bodies (and our libidos) during a year-long quarantine period:

● The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” couldn’t be more true.

Some of us may live with our partners, while some of us may live separately from them - and some of us may not be partnered up at all. Regardless, our absence (or lack thereof) from these people can skew our emotions and have us romanticizing (or dreading) certain relationships in our lives. Regardless, the old adage is true - absence makes the heart grow fonder - and quarantine surely has taught us a lot about the need for alone time. It’s healthy to have some time allotted in your day for self-care, even if you’re in a relationship.

● Communication is key.

The pandemic has changed the way we communicate with those who are significant to us. Screen time has become a substitute for face-to-face interaction, and body language and facial expressions have changed greatly with the advent of masks. Now more than ever, in all facets of our life - whether it be work, school, our social life, or the bedroom - we must communicate our wants and needs thoroughly and not beat around the bush when it comes to what makes us uncomfortable, what we want more of, and what our relationships mean to us and how they make us feel. Now more than ever, communication is a vital facet of any relationship.

● Hookup culture is a whole new ordeal.

With bars, clubs, and parties no longer being the hot spots to meet potential hook-ups, the landscape of hookup culture has changed quite drastically. Online dating apps have become one of the only potential spots to meet potential suitors - and even in that case, how do you play it safe? How do you socially distance a date? How do you meet up for said date when sit-down restaurants are closed? Most importantly, when do the masks come off - and when is it okay to become physically intimate knowing that there is a risk of contracting COVID with every possible interaction? These added factors are changing the landscape of hookup culture as we know it - perhaps permanently. It’s also driving us towards more stability and commitment in our romantic and sexual relationships.

● Let’s face it: every girl deserves to own her own vibrator.

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● Lastly, as corny as it sounds, it’s so crucial to appreciate the little things - in your relationship with your significant other, and in your relationship with yourself.

If there’s any kind of silver lining to quarantine, it’s that it has taught us to regard the little joys in life with so much more care and attention. We’ve learned to never take things for granted - especially human touch and connection. With this in mind, we can learn to appreciate every interaction with our partners, and learn to extend ourselves a little more kindness and self-appreciation. What are some things that you have learned about sex, love, and existence during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!