8 Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys

Summer.is.here! And it’s time to travel for some adventure, relaxation and just-me time! Whatever the goal of your next vacation, don’t leave the mind-blowing sex off of the itinerary; according to recent studies, you’re more likely to be in the mood when you’re on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the hunt for a holiday fling, flying solo or longing to deepen your relationship with a tried and true travel companion, a sex toy will make your experience that that much more orgasmic. Check out our tips on packing the right sex for your trip:


1. Travel light

Less is never more when it comes to orgasms, but less is always more when it comes to packing for travel. Leave that ultra-deluxe and extra-long vibrator at home and opt to go with something compact. Remember, it isn’t the size that matters but how you use it.  Our Bmine Basic and Bcute Classic pack a punch while taking up less room in your suitcase. These vibrators are small enough to fit into your purse, so you can take it everywhere… from the hotel room or anywhere you want to get a little naughty.


2. The more you know…

Just because it fits in your carry-on doesn’t mean it’s allowed in the overhead compartment. Although adult toys are 100% allowed in your carry-on and checked luggage, the TSA prohibits anything could be considered a weapon. If your favorite sex toy is longer than seven inches, has sharp edges, is a whip or could be described as a club-like, you may want to check it. Have a quick read of the TSA’s rules before you pack. When in doubt, it’s safer to pack it in your checked luggage than to risk having that toy you can’t live without confiscated at the gate.


3. Batteries not included

I like things that vibrate, and that includes vibrating sex toys. Unfortunately, these pleasure troves can accidentally turn on when bumped or nudged. If your vibe starts cause a ruckus in the overhead compartment mid-flight, a dutiful flight attendant may want to investigate. Prevent this scene from becoming a reality by removing the batteries for battery-operated toys and letting the charge run out on rechargeable vibes beforehand. Stow your batteries separately in your carry-on luggage and don’t forget to bring along any necessary charging cables.

Batteries Included at B Swish


4. Wrap it up!

They wear those white gloves for a reason. A screener may decide to open your bag and have a closer look, so pack your sex toys in transparent zip-top bags to make the process simple for everyone. It’s easier for them to see what they’re dealing with and more hygienic for you!


5. Set it and forget it

Be “triple-C” if a TSA screener opens your bag: Calm, Confident and Casual. There’s nothing shameful about traveling with a sex toy. In fact, it’s downright common and mainstream. A vibrator in an x-ray tray is not a big deal to a TSA agent. Honestly, they have seen literally everything and they’re trained to examine electronic devices. You aren’t the first person that couldn’t imagine a week-long Hawaiian getaway without their favorite bunny vibe in tow!


6. Own It

In the rare case that your bag is selected for screening, just own it. If you think you’ll be embarrassed by a screener pulling out your realistic sex toy, pack something more ambiguous. You can pack a sex toy that doesn’t look like a “sex toy” like our Bcurious Premium and Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed. They’re less likely to draw attention, even if it is pulled out (or falls out) of your luggage in front of curious eyes. And, remember that you can always ask for a private screening. If asked directly about your pleasure item, simply respond with what you are comfortable with – a vibrating toy or a personal massager. Use a euphemism if that’s more comfortable for you:  personal device, adult toy, marital aid, pelvic floor exerciser, just to name a few.

Tag Along with Our Travel Friendly Vibrators


7. Lube is a liquid

You absolutely, totally 100% yes can bring along lube, massage oil and your preferred toy cleaner. However, don’t forget that the three-ounce rule is still in effect. Keep things simple by picking up some travel sizes of your favorite liquid sex products. As long as each container is three ounces or less, you’re golden.


8. Do your research

Travelling abroad? Make sure to find out if the country you’re travelling to has strict rules governing sex or sexual expression. Several countries like United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Malaysia have bans on sex toys. It’s actually illegal to bring sex toys into those countries under any circumstances. Others – like India – have strict rules about how it can be declared in order to be permissible. You risk being fined or having the item confiscated if you try to take a sexy toy into certain counties, so just leave it at home and go au naturel!