5 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day: The Friends with Batteries Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is upon us, girls, boys, and everyone in between. As usual, the greeting card companies want us to celebrate through the lens of romantic love. That’s cute. We love couples! Some of us are in couples (or more!) and some of us are stoked to be single. There are so many ways to love and be loved in the world, so why not take the month of February as an invitation to make as much love as possible? Love for yourself, your friends, your lovers—whoever should come your way!

Whether you plan to celebrate with your friend-with-benefits or your BFF, or your friend-with-batteries, B Swish has some O-worthy options to not only help you spice up the Hallmark holiday, but add some substance while you’re at it!

Side note! Before we jump in, almost all of these products are good for all body-types, but let it be known that I, the writer, am a woman in a sexual partnership with a man and that experience has informed how I’ve framed this list.

Bcute Classic Pearl - Ribbed for her pleasure.

They say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but if you ask me the Pearl might have her outmatched. As the name suggests, she’s cute, compact, and powerful. The Bcute Classic Pearl will take your pleasure skyward and never let you down. It’s silky smooth, cute as a button, and easy to bring with you in order to take advantage of whatever alone time happens to come your way. The Bcute Classic Pearl is a cute gift for yourself, your friend, or your partner. ($24.99)

Bmine Basic - For couples, or lovers, or booty call.

If you are just getting comfortable bringing pleasure products into the bedroom, the Bmine Basic is an awesome initial offering. It can work for all parts on all bodies and at 3 inches is the perfect primer for the main event. The Bmine Basic comes with five speed options allowing you to discover new and unexpected sweet spots … plus it fits in the palm of your hand. How much more convenient could it be? ($18.72)

Bfilled Classic Unleashed - My big pick for men.

And for anyone interested in opening the back door. It’s small, but mighty, and makes a great introductory plug for beginners. The wireless remote that accompanies the Bfilled Classic Unleashed puts control firmly in the hands of they who hold it. This can make for a lot of fun during partner play when you experience an unexpected buzz. ($38.99)

Bteased Basic - A chic option for portable pleasure.

Constantly on the go? Working this V-Day? Too many unbreakable plans in place? Not. A. Problem. The Bteased Basic is the go-to on-the-go device for those times when you really, really just want to go home and get down with your bad self. It’s an easy-to-wear finger vibe – the easiest way to pinpoint sensation and get right to the heart of the matter. Its sleeve is made of super-soft silicone that feels like velvet to boot! This is the most cost-effective option coming at you for the holiday. ($15.99)

Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed - Take (or lose) control.

This powerful six-setting bullet massager is waterproof so if you ever wanted to feel like a sexy mermaid this is the vibe for you! The seamless intensity-control button built into the bullet itself gives you power adjustment in the palm of your hand (wherever that hand might be), or get a mischievous partner involved when you hand over the wireless remote. ($54.99)

Whether you’re cuffed or flying solo, sexy gifts like these will give you a spark in the final days of winter. Take the Valentine’s Day tradition to heart by spreading love to yourself and to others!