10 Sex Tips for Men

There are so many misconceptions about sex out there! Here’s one for example: sizzling, toe-curling encounters that pull out all the stops are best saved for special occasions like anniversaries or pre-planned romantic evenings.

There can be a lot of discrepancy between what men think women want in the bedroom and what they really want. You don’t necessarily have to go full Christian Grey, but you also don’t need to wait for an especially romantic occasion to have a seriously orgasmic time. Make things memorable and let the following tips be your guide.


Don’t underestimate the power of kissing.

Everyone knows that foreplay, especially when fun sex toys are involved, is an absolute must. However, moves that really heat things up can be as simple as a few really well-placed kisses. Start by kissing the nape of her neck. Move on to gently nibbling her ear lobe and so on. Make sure to take your time!


Talk Dirty.

It’s obvious that a little dirty talk can move things along when you’re in the bedroom and can be great for keeping things hot while apart… but who says it has to stay there? Dirty talk works great as a preview for coming attractions as well. The next time you go out to eat together, tell her how badly you want her from across the table. Going out dancing? Grab her, pull her close, and whisper all the things you want to do to her later when you get home directly into her ear. Everyone gets a confidence boost from hearing their partner tell them how desirable they are … and hearing it in advance really sets the mood by building anticipation.


Touch yourself.

Isn’t it hot to watch your partner enjoying herself in front of you? Trust us when we say she feels the same way about watching you; there’s something taboo and very appealing about watching something that would normally be done in private. Give yourself a hand here and there during foreplay; let her watch you and be sure to tell her how much she turns you on. And don’t hold yourself from inviting her to masturbate together!


She calls the shots.

Missionary is a such a classic but so is woman on top! Encourage your partner to take control. She’ll be able to choose a position that feels best for her and you’ll get to enjoy one heck of a view. Get ready for the ride of your life by adding eye contact and maybe even an erotic couples sex toy.


Indulge her fantasies.

Everyone has secret desires they’d like to see come to life one day. Spend some time with one another sharing these intimate secrets. Pay attention to what she tells you and take the initiative to make one of her fantasies come true the next time the mood is right. Did she tell you she’s always fantasized about you tying her up right before taking her from behind? Be the one to buy the ribbon or rope and then surprise her by doing exactly that one night. She’ll be as excited about you taking the time make that fantasy a reality as she will be about the main event itself.


Add her toys to the mix.

How do you feel about sex toys? Nothing is sexier to a woman than a man who isn’t bothered or intimidated by sex toys. Invite her to share hers with you sometime. Study up on sex toys in general.  Ask if you can pick one out and use it to pleasure her then and there. She’ll love the naughty feeling of sharing something with you that she’d normally keep all to herself. You can even ask her to try using her toys on you. There are also many  sex toys designed especially for men, which can be an adventure in themselves.


Shop for toys you’ll both love- together.

After experimenting with the toys you already have, go shopping for new sex toys that you both want to enjoy together. Take turns considering specific toys that you’d like to use on one another or have her use on you. Surprise her by purchasing a toy of her choice and using it in exactly the ways she told you she’d like.


Try a little al fresco friskiness.

Spontaneous, impromptu sex is already hot, hot, hot. Spontaneous sex outdoors can be even hotter. Consider seizing the moment the next time the two of you are out and about. Classics like sex on the beach during the summer are always good choices. And never underestimate the power of a quickie during an autumn hike or just after a spring picnic either.


Watch porn together.

Porn is (or can be) for everyone! Most people love watching a really good erotic clip once in a while. Consider doing it together sometime. Take turns going down on each other and experimenting with couples sex toys while you watch one of your favorites. You can finish up by going at it doggy style while both of you feast your eyes on the action.


Get a little wet.

Shower sex is the type of thing that sounds better on paper than it really is in reality, right? Switch things up by drawing a steamy bubble bath for two on a relaxed, chilly Sunday at home. Light some candles and pour yourselves a glass of wine, slide into the tub and let things progress as they may.


These aren’t the only techniques to achieve super steamy, ultra-memorable “anytime” encounters, but it’s so much simpler than it seems!