by Ashley Inman


Gifts for You, Your Boo and Your BFF, Too!

Hello to all the good boys and girls and anyone in between! The holiday season is right around the corner and whether you are hoping to make it onto Santa’s naughty list, craving an exciting exploration for the season, or just looking for something fun to play with as the creeping cold drives us further indoors then we have some suggestions for you.

What better gift could you give to you, your boo, and your BFF too besides the gift of an endorphin rush in the aftermath of an orgasm?

It’s been a tough year for many of us and I can’t encourage you enough to consider taking charge of your sexuality, your own pleasure, and your bodily autonomy. ‘Tis the season to spread joy and all that, so consider spreading the type of joy that often accompanies spreading legs and cheeks as well!

Before we jump right in let it be known that almost all of these products are good for male and female users, despite the categories that we have broken them up into for this blog. Also, I, the writer, am a woman in a romantic relationship with a man and that experience has informed the framing of these lists.

Gifts for Your Boo


Bfilled Deluxe - Prostate Massager

Let it be known - the Bfilled Deluxe doubles as a rabbit massager! This is the number one thing that I recommend couples get for shared play. No matter what your anatomy, this toy gives you both the option to explore your bodies and chase your orgasms wherever they might be located. It is elegant and body-safe - which should hopefully help convince any skittish-types to open themselves up and try something new. ($55.99).