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Illustration of jeans back pocket. Back pocket has a patch that reads "Look don't Touch."

Sex, Pleasure, Gift Guide

12 Sex Positive Los Angeles Artists to Support: A Holiday Gift Guide

by Jordana Lipsitz

Holy cow. It’s been a HECK of a year. We might just all need a magical Christmas/Hanukah/Winter Solstice to counteract 345-ish days of existential depression and consistent dread. We’re talking thoughtful presents! We’re talking New Year’s Eve nookie! We’re talking eggnog and volunteering at community Christmas dinners and good will toward (wo)men. The whole chestnut, preferably roasting on an open fire.

For now, it’s time to focus on the *presents* portion of the season. If anything in this life is clear it’s that intention is important. With that in mind please, take a gander at this holiday gift guide assembled by Jordana Lipsitz featuring some of her favorite sex positive Los Angeles artists.

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Sex, Pleasure, Relationships, Pro Tips, Sex Toys, Gift Guide

The B Swish Holiday Gift Guide: Heat Things Up this Holiday Season!

by Ashley Inman

The holiday season is here already and whether you are hoping to make it onto Santa’s naughty list, craving an exciting exploration for the season, or just looking for something fun to play with as the creeping cold drives us further indoors then we have some suggestions for you.

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Sex, Pleasure, Esoterica, Pro Tips, Self Care, Sex Toys, Gift Guide

The Best Vibe for Your Zodiac Sign

By Gabriela Herstik

We get it; sometimes you just wanna get off. In our opinion, sex toys are the perfect way to amp up your sex life, adding some extra good vibes whether you’re going solo or with a partner. Vibrators are a vagina-owning persons’ best friend, but with so many delicious and delectable options out there, the question isn’t if to start but where? We’ve turned to the cosmos for a little sexy inspiration, to help match up each zodiac sign with a vibrator that is sure to blow them away. Read on for your match made in heaven.

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Sex, Pleasure, Pro Tips, Sex Toys, Gift Guide

Affordably Giftable Vibes for Any Gal or Guy in Your Life (AKA You!)

By Jess & Carol at B Swish

It's that time again. Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift to fire up the romance or you're an independent woman who doesn't need anyone to buy her gifts. Whether you're spoiling your bae or treating yo'self. Get inspired by our list of affordably giftable pleasure products that will still make you, your S.O. or your best friend feel special.

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Sex, Pleasure, Relationships, Dating, Pro Tips, Sex Toys, Gift Guide

Naughty but Oh, So Nice: Orgasmic Holiday Gift Ideas

by Jess & Carol at B Swish

'Tis the season to give, so why not gift some mind-blowing pleasure!
We've compiled a list of naughty gifts that will fill you and your lover with holiday cheer.

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Pro Tips, Sex Toys, Gift Guide

A Minimalist’s Gift Guide for the Bride-to-Be

by Jess & Carol at B Swish

When it comes to celebrating the transition from miss to matrimony, the one big question haunts every member on the "I-do Crew"… How much naughtiness is appropriate? Well, it all depends on your friend’s personality and attitude about sex, but in our opinion there’s a way to strike the perfect balance between lewd and lovely for every type of bride

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