1. Grocery Aisle Sex

    Grocery Aisle Sex

    By Jordana Lipsitz

    Going to the grocery store can be quite the snore. Mindlessly pushing a cart down aisle after aisle wondering, “What is life even? What is the meaning? Do I really need this much Greek yogurt?” Luckily, there can be more to the mundane experience of feeding yourself. In fact, there are a whole lot of sneaky fruit and veggie tips to perk up your sex life. The more natural the better! Grocery shopping has never been sexier. Jordana Lipsitz takes you on a grocery aisle odyssey, touring the tastiest products on this earth that can zest up your sex life. Truly a recipe for delight.

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  2. I Tried THC Lube for the First Time and This is What Happened

    I Tried THC Lube for the First Time and This is What Happened

    By Jessica Buck

    Ever since I bought my first vibrator, I've been interested in trying all the variations of pleasure possible with masturbation. Finding the right vibrator was an adventure, so when a friend suggested I add THC lube to the mix, I was intrigued. I've heard stories about people using this type of lube during intercourse, as well as solo, but it never truly sparked my interest enough to purchase on my own. That is, until a friend gave me a sample and changed my life.

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  3. Discovery Channels: Sex Toys and Personal Growth

    Discovery Channels: Sex Toys and Personal Growth

    By Amara Purlle

    In the mainstream, the word “nurturing” is not typically associated with sex toys, but it’s a new year and a new year hopefully means you're also on a path toward discarding outdated notions, introducing healthy new notions that let you fully explore Next Phase you. It's 2019 and we should shop for erotic accoutrement like we shop for everything else. In this post, Amara Purlle gets frank about the possibility of learning about yourself through intimate personal device shopping.

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  4. A Beginner’s Guide to Being Sex Positive When You’re a Prude

    a shy person covers their face with their hand in embarrassment

    By Jordana Lipsitz

    Jordana Lipsitz wants to support her friends (and heck, even people she doesn’t know at all) in their zany sex adventures but she has a problem. And that problem is a visceral reaction to the thought of inserting anything, well, anywhere. Chalking it up to having been raised in a Protestant/Jewish household where the repression of the Protestant side was constantly at war with the easy-going attitude of her Jewish side, in this post Jordana Lipsitz shares her comedic journey into sex positivity.

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  5. Porn Star Next Door

    Porn Star Next Door

    By Jordana Lipsitz

    This is Los Angeles, the city of dreams, where everybody lives next door to a porn star or has at least met one. However, LA transplant Jordana Lipsitz met her first porn star at an East coast college long before she ever stepped foot in the City of Angels. In this post, she interviews her friend and author AKA porn star J.R. Verlin, AKA Logan Pierce and reveals how being a porn star effects his personal relationships, what it’s like to be part of the sex-work community and talks about his new book Between the Sheets.

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  6. Why Everyone Should Have a "Yes, No, Maybe" List

    Why Everyone Should Have a "Yes, No, Maybe" List

    By Gabriela Herstik

    No matter your relationship status, one thing still holds true; you have a right to pleasure. Scream it from the rooftops because it’s true. You have a right to know what feels good for you, you have a right to know what sets your soul aflame, you have a right to know what you’re into, and you have the right to claim it. But the reverse is also true; you have a right to know what you don’t like, you have a right to have boundaries, and you have the right to say no, always. A “yes, no, maybe” list is a list of things you’re into, some things you’re willing to try and things you’re absolutely not willing to try. This isn’t a document set in stone, instead, it’s something that can help you discover what turns you on, while also helping inspire your love and sex life.

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  7. Masturbation 2.0: Everything You Need to Know about Mutual Masturbation

    Masturbation 2.0: Everything You Need to Know about Mutual Masturbation

    By Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, CST

    ✨Masturbation Month Special✨It’s still #masturbationmonth and we’re still celebrating everything there is to love about self-love! Planned right, it can be super-fun and comes along with tons of health benefits, basically has no negative impact… and you don’t just have to do it alone! It’s actually one of the hottest sexual activities you can do with your partner to increase your intimacy. Think of it as Masturbation 2.0.

    For this post, we asked Dr. Kristie Overstreet to answer all your questions about going solo… together.

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