1. Let's Talk Fingers (and Toys) in Butts!

    Let's Talk Fingers (and Toys) in Butts!

    By Jessica Buck

    Butt play is fun, but a lot of people are apprehensive for obvious reasons. I’m still a newbie, but I’ve learned a lot in my anal explorations. In this post, I offer up everything I’ve learned about booty-play including a step-by-step guide to indulging your curiosity and some first hand accounts of my most recent experience trying out B Swish’s vibrating butt plug for the first time.

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  2. How I Learned to Love Lube

    How I Learned to Love Lube

    By Aimee Murillo

    I resisted lube for the longest time but I eventually decided to experiment. I ended up ultimately loving lube and this is what I learned in the process... plus some helpful tips on getting acquainted with the do's and don'ts of lube.

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  3. Communication Breakdown: How to Ask for What You Want in Bed

    Communication Breakdown: How to Ask for What You Want in Bed

    By Gabriela Herstik

    You deserve to have an abundantly rich sex life. But to get that, it's vital that you're able to ask for what you want in bed. This can be really difficult — it means releasing sexual shame, being vulnerable with your partner, and that you have to know what you’re into. Here's Gabriela Herstik on how, exactly, we can effectively communicate what we want in bed, and why this is so important for our pleasure and sense of sexual security.

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  4. I was a Fuckboy Magnet

    I was a Fuckboy Magnet

    By Erika E. Wade

    Sometimes your love life is a sitcom because you're actually a walking magnet for broken, emotionally unavailable, and non-committal partners. Or, sometimes you could secretly be giving off the vibes of a someone in need of a reminder of their own beauty and power. Here are some tips to help you get over him, and so into you.

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  5. Elevate your Sex with Mindfulness

    Elevate your Sex with Mindfulness

    By Krystyn Lambert

    Many of us have struggled with staying present during intercourse, but when we are able to actively find ourselves in the moment, the enhancement is staggering. How can we train our brains to turn on and tune in to more mindful sex? Here's Krystyn Lambert with six practical techniques!

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  6. Cannabis and Sex

    Cannabis and Sex

    By Amara Purlle

    Canna-curious? Have you heard the hype that combining cannabis with sex can be a potentially mind-opening journey? Well it’s hyped for a reason! At the time of publication, 33 American states have legalized medical marijuana, and ten of those states have legalized recreational marijuana use. Because of this, we're now incredibly spoilt for choice. And, if you’re in LA like us, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all your options. In an effort to make it slightly less daunting, Amara Purlle humbly offers her own recommendations to guide you into next-level sexy times.

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  7. Divine Pleasure - What is Tantra & How to Curate a Solo-Practice

    Divine Pleasure - What is Tantra & How to Curate a Solo-Practice

    By Ashley Inman

    ✨Masturbation Month Special✨Tantra has broken more than ever before into our contemporary lexicon with the prominence of resources like Barbara Carrellas’s Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century. It’s becoming less of a weird sound bite from Sting and being understood (and accepted) more a for what it is: a beautiful, personal exploration, an act of shared magick between partners. One of the best, most succinct explanations of tantra I’ve heard is from a mainstream health information outlet: “Tantra is a pleasure-centric practice that encourages self-exploration and mindfulness. It’s similar to meditation and can have benefits both in and out of the bedroom.”

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  8. Roleplay as Empowerment: How to Introduce Characters into Your Sex Life

    Roleplay as Empowerment: How to Introduce Characters into Your Sex Life

    By Ashley Inman

    “Roleplay” is a word that evokes different things for different people, bringing to mind everything from elegant elves to naughty nurses. Roleplaying in your sex life is a way to celebrate and explore titillating and exciting aspects of your psyche which can tie deeply, and sometimes inexplicably, to those tingly feelings of arousal we all live for. The real trick is to be able to identify what exactly turns you on. At face value this question probably seems straightforward. But writing from experience, it's tough to get a leg up when first exploring sexual roleplay. Finding your fantasy ultimately means slipping into another skin, which gives you permission to indulge your curiosity and desire.

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  9. Protect Your Energy: How to Energetically Cleanse Yourself After Casual Sex

    a person dips into a bath filled with rose petals

    By Gabriela Herstik

    Like everything else, sex is an energy exchange. And for those of us who engage in casual sex, the energy isn’t always exactly what we expect. When we sleep with someone, we form a connection with them, even if it’s for one night; sometimes this connection dissipates, and sometimes it lingers. If we are aware of our subtle body, and the energy system along the base of our spine known as the chakras, then we can make sure that we cleanse and clear the lingering energetic remnants of our sexual partners. In this piece Gabriela Herstik shares some simple techniques for cleansing our auric and energetic bodies after engaging in casual sex. Through breathwork, visualization, and working with tools like sacred smoke and ritual baths, we can make sure that we’re honoring our energy as much as our physical body, and that we’re having the safest sex possible in every realm.

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  10. Grocery Aisle Sex

    Grocery Aisle Sex

    By Jordana Lipsitz

    Going to the grocery store can be quite the snore. Mindlessly pushing a cart down aisle after aisle wondering, “What is life even? What is the meaning? Do I really need this much Greek yogurt?” Luckily, there can be more to the mundane experience of feeding yourself. In fact, there are a whole lot of sneaky fruit and veggie tips to perk up your sex life. The more natural the better! Grocery shopping has never been sexier. Jordana Lipsitz takes you on a grocery aisle odyssey, touring the tastiest products on this earth that can zest up your sex life. Truly a recipe for delight.

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