Sex Toys

  1. Sex Toys for Each Personality Type

    Sex Toys for Each Personality Type

    If you’re big on sex, wellness and find personality quizzes fun, you may have already gone the path of self-discovery and have established your personality type as well as your favorite sex toy. But depending on the type of model used, there can be many ways to dig deeper into who you are and your specific sexual behaviors. While the widely-known Briggs-Meyer test has been used since the 1920s, the new millennium has unveiled a new technique that includes 9 basic personality types based on a person’s unique ways of relating to the world. The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires. Since there are so many sex toys to choose from, it may be time to try something different now that you’ve de-coded another side of yourself. Spice up your sex life by choosing a toy that aligns with who you really are deep inside.

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  2. Relationship Rut: How to Ignite the Sexual Spark

    Relationship Rut: How to Ignite the Sexual Spark

    Relationships can be pretty difficult at times. While it’s a joy to be able to walk through life with someone you love and enjoy, it has its fair share of ups and downs. Like any great roller coaster, there’s a level of thrill accompanied by some moments of doubt. Aside from some healthy communication and compromise, you know you’ve hit a roadblock in your relationship when you find yourself in a sexual rut. Typically for those in long-term relationships, there may come a time when the spark dies down, and tension begins to brew in the bedroom instead of passion.

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  3. The Best Plug for Your Body

    The Best Plug for Your Body

    There's a reason booty play is all the rage with sex educators and pleasure enthusiasts as of late. Plenty of folks have been experimenting with back door stimulation for ages, of course, but this ultra-pleasurable play mode is just now losing its unfairly taboo status. If you're floundering around the wide world of sex toys, wondering which butt plugs, vibrators, or prostate stimulators are right for your bum, let the B Swish sexperts guide you. We've compiled a must-have list of the most comfortable, safe, and stimulating anal pleasure products for novices, intermediate, and advanced bedroom explorers.

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  4. Choosing Your Second Vibrator

    Choosing Your Second Vibrator

    Thought choosing your first vibrator was a mind-bending task? Try picking a second toy now that you've been properly acquainted with the proverbial sea of clit vibes, butt plugs and rabbit-style pleasure tools! At B Swish, we try to take the guesswork out of sex toy shopping. Our pleasure product collections bring the best of every category, from first-time vibes to aficionado-level anal, clitoral and penetrative products.

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  5. 10 Sex Tips for Men

    10 Sex Tips for Men

    There can be a lot of discrepancy between what men think women want in the bedroom and what they really want. You don’t necessarily have to go full Christian Grey, but you also don’t need to wait for an especially romantic occasion to have a seriously orgasmic time. Make things memorable and let the following tips be your guide.

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  6. I’m 28 and Just Learned What a Real Orgasm Is

    a woman lies on the bed looking satisfied and happy

    By Erika E. Wade

    This is gonna be sad, but I believe I’m having a crisis. What if sex hasn’t led to orgasms for me in the past. What if I was so good at faking it, I fooled myself? At this age, and with the amount of sex toys I have, I’m realizing having an orgasm during sex is, well, hard. Now I know what my Big O feels like, I’m going for it at all costs. Maybe you can too.

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  7. An Intro to Lesbian Sex: Next Level Intimacy

    An Intro to Lesbian Sex

    By Jessica Buck

    Provided consent is in place, taking your intimacy with someone to the next level means opening up a vulnerability that coincides with pleasure. We learn how to navigate this vulnerability with practice, but your first few times can be awkward and confusing, especially if you've received little to no true education on the physical and emotional logistics of "how to have sex." Let’s change that with a walk through of the basics of lesbian sex, because vulva on vulva action is worth the deep dive and frankly, it's the tits (pun intended).
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  8. Unwrap Sexy: Gifts That Keep on Giving

    Unwrap Sexy: Gifts That Keep on Giving

    By B Swish

    Season’s greetings, y’all! It’s that wonderful time of the year again to don your gay apparel and start picking out gifts for your lover, partner, or closest kinky friends. If you’re stuck on ideas, we here at B Swish recommend pleasure products as a guaranteed treat for those who’ve been naughty or nice—hopefully both! But as there are so many products on the market, you may be wondering how to pare down the options and pick out something that will provide each of them a real endorphin-rush— and how do you do it if you’re on a budget?

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  9. Why You Should Incorporate Sex Toys into Partnered Sex

    one person embraces another in a bed with rumpled sheets

    By Gabriela Herstik

    Sex should be fun, and while they’re called sex “toys” for a reason, there is still unfortunately plenty of stigma surrounding sexuality and how we enjoy it; whether the stigma is around who we engage with sexually, what we like or how we like to express ourselves. The work of unlearning harmful narratives around shame never stops! And one of the myths that we must unlearn is that liking sex toys, and bringing them into the bedroom, means that you don’t like your partner, or don’t feel like they can satisfy you sexually. The stigma around sex toys in general is extremely harmful; especially when it inhibits you from enjoying yourself during sex. And while it may seem awkward to uncomfortable to ask a partner if you can bring in a vibrator or cock ring to the bedroom, introducing toys into your sex life could be spark you need to reinvigorate your relationship, bring you closer to your partner, or simply make the sex more exciting.

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  10. Reading Erotica: A Personal Essay

    a book is held open between two legs wearing tall stockings on a bed

    By Jessica Buck

    When I started masturbating, all I knew was channel 3 after 10 pm. But when my great aunt passed and we got a bunch of her stuff, I discovered my aunts love for a classic erotic novels. It was a new world for me and I loved it because I already loved reading in general. I'd sneak and read chapters late at night and hid the books under my mattress. THEN when I got a computer in my room, I discovered erotic stories on Xanga, a platform I used to frequently blog. This was my mid-day porn when I couldn't watch Channel 3 or be caught with an erotic novel in my hands. And thus shaped my Freshman-Senior summers of curiosity.

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