1. I’m 28 and Just Learned What a Real Orgasm Is

    a woman lies on the bed looking satisfied and happy

    By Erika E. Wade

    This is gonna be sad, but I believe I’m having a crisis. What if sex hasn’t led to orgasms for me in the past. What if I was so good at faking it, I fooled myself? At this age, and with the amount of sex toys I have, I’m realizing having an orgasm during sex is, well, hard. Now I know what my Big O feels like, I’m going for it at all costs. Maybe you can too.

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  2. Breathe It: How to Incorporate Breathwork into Sex

    woman lounges in an armchair breathing deeply

    By Gabriela Herstik

    Our breath is our personal connection to the life-force energy inside us, but for many of us, we don’t notice our breath until it’s gone. In sex, this is especially important, and our breath can form a bridge between us and our partner or ourselves and our pleasure. When we ignore our breath, we are limiting our ability to feel, to express, and to connect; holding our breath limits our ability to feel into our body. By incorporating breathwork into sex and masturbation, we can form more purposeful connections to our partners and dive even deeper into our pleasure, while getting out of our heads and into the moment. In this post, Gabriela shares a handful of simple breathing techniques we can use before, during or after sex to connect more deeply to our erotic experience. This will include some tantric breathwork, as well as simple two, three and four part breaths that help to guide us into the present.
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  3. Black Girls Masturbate

    woman in bed wearing a black bra smiling looking content and satisfied

    By Erika E. Wade

    Growing up black in America is tough, especially when everyone but your own cultural group tells you how to do it. Apparently, it’s even more taboo for black women to touch themselves. Well, I’m Erika. I’m a black woman from Alabama, and I touch myself. And it feels really good.
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  4. Reading Erotica: A Personal Essay

    a book is held open between two legs wearing tall stockings on a bed

    By Jessica Buck

    When I started masturbating, all I knew was channel 3 after 10 pm. But when my great aunt passed and we got a bunch of her stuff, I discovered my aunts love for a classic erotic novels. It was a new world for me and I loved it because I already loved reading in general. I'd sneak and read chapters late at night and hid the books under my mattress. THEN when I got a computer in my room, I discovered erotic stories on Xanga, a platform I used to frequently blog. This was my mid-day porn when I couldn't watch Channel 3 or be caught with an erotic novel in my hands. And thus shaped my Freshman-Senior summers of curiosity.

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  5. 8 Ways to Make Your Masturbation Session More Magical

    8 Ways to Make Your Masturbation Session More Magical

    By Gabriela Herstik

    ✨Masturbation Month Special✨Masturbation is the best; it feels good, it’s good for you, and you can even use your orgasms to cast spells. What’s not to love? But like lovers, there’s an endless possibility of ways and reasons you may want to do or not do something a certain way. Sometimes you may want to do you quick and dirty. That’s hot. But sometimes you may wish to slow it down and add some meaning and intention to your self-love session. Also hot! And rather witchy, if we do say so ourselves. Sex magick, or raising sexual energy/orgasm to send to a desired purpose or intention, has been used by yogis, Pagans, occultists and pervs worldwide as a way to harness energy, heal, honor, transcend and create. Even if we’re not going to perform a whole sex magick ritual, we can take cues from these esoteric practices that offer us wisdom for connecting more deeply with our bodies. Inspired by erotic rituals, we’ve rounded up 9 ways to make your next masturbation session more magical.

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  6. I Tried a Wand Vibrator for the First Time and This is What Happened

    I Tried a Wand Vibrator for the First Time and This is What Happened

    By Gabriela Herstik

    I’ve used plenty of sex toys in my day, but I have managed to go nearly 25 years without ever trying a wand style vibrator. As someone who loves an orgasm, I just couldn’t let myself pass up the opportunity to try one for myself. And when I realized B Swish has a wand style vibe for just $40, there was no way I couldn’t try it. So, I put it to the test and all I can say is…wow..

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  7. Why Pleasure-Inclusive Sex Ed Matters: The Best Vibes for All Types of Orgasms

    Why Pleasure-Inclusive Sex Ed Matters: The Best Vibes for All Types of Orgasms

    By Aimee Murillo

    Orgasm is unfortunately an experience that has eluded too many women even in today’s increasingly sex-positive environment. Part of the reason for that may be the fact that women’s orgasms are a hardly-touched topic in most sex education classes. Hell, even in movies and television, the depiction of an orgasm during intercourse always seems represented as a “climax” between a man and a woman at the same time, even though that's hardly ever the case. In this post, Aimee Murillo explores why pleasure-inclusive sex-ed is so important and offers up some examples of ideal products to use to help you gain your own sexual satisfaction, or even just broaden your horizons.

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  8. Masturbation 2.0: Everything You Need to Know about Mutual Masturbation

    Masturbation 2.0: Everything You Need to Know about Mutual Masturbation

    By Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, CST

    ✨Masturbation Month Special✨It’s still #masturbationmonth and we’re still celebrating everything there is to love about self-love! Planned right, it can be super-fun and comes along with tons of health benefits, basically has no negative impact… and you don’t just have to do it alone! It’s actually one of the hottest sexual activities you can do with your partner to increase your intimacy. Think of it as Masturbation 2.0.

    For this post, we asked Dr. Kristie Overstreet to answer all your questions about going solo… together.

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  9. Plan the Perfect Date Night... With Yourself

    Plan the Perfect Date Night... With Yourself

    By Chelsea Steiner

    ✨Masturbation Month Special✨As adults, most of us have honed our jilling-off skills to a science: we know what we like and how to reach the finish line without a second thought. But if your routine has gotten stale, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, we’ve got some tips for turning your typical self-pleasure session into an epic night for one. Here are our top tips for planning the perfect date night…with yourself.

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