1. Why Black Sex Work is Essential Work

    Why Black Sex Work is Essential Work
    If sex work is indeed “the world’s oldest profession”, and the end goal of that work is 100% customer satisfaction, then sex work is also the world’s oldest essential work. It makes little sense that such hostility and shame toward sex work and sex workers still exists, especially towards Black female sex workers.
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  2. 10 Sex Tips for Men

    10 Sex Tips for Men
    There can be a lot of discrepancy between what men think women want in the bedroom and what they really want. You don’t necessarily have to go full Christian Grey, but you also don’t need to wait for an especially romantic occasion to have a seriously orgasmic time. Make things memorable and let the following tips be your guide.
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  3. Radical Self-Care

    A Black woman with a hopeful expression and closed eyes breathes deeply in an outdoor setting.
    To take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. But what does "self-care" look like in the face of protest and social unrest? Erika E. Wade shares her personal story of how self-care has transformed from an indulgent buzz word into something more meaningful during the Black Lives Matter global uprisings of 2020.
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  4. I’m 28 and Just Learned What a Real Orgasm Is

    a woman lies on the bed looking satisfied and happy

    By Erika E. Wade

    This is gonna be sad, but I believe I’m having a crisis. What if sex hasn’t led to orgasms for me in the past. What if I was so good at faking it, I fooled myself? At this age, and with the amount of sex toys I have, I’m realizing having an orgasm during sex is, well, hard. Now I know what my Big O feels like, I’m going for it at all costs. Maybe you can too.

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  5. Breathe It: How to Incorporate Breathwork into Sex

    woman lounges in an armchair breathing deeply

    By Gabriela Herstik

    Our breath is our personal connection to the life-force energy inside us, but for many of us, we don’t notice our breath until it’s gone. In sex, this is especially important, and our breath can form a bridge between us and our partner or ourselves and our pleasure. When we ignore our breath, we are limiting our ability to feel, to express, and to connect; holding our breath limits our ability to feel into our body. By incorporating breathwork into sex and masturbation, we can form more purposeful connections to our partners and dive even deeper into our pleasure, while getting out of our heads and into the moment. In this post, Gabriela shares a handful of simple breathing techniques we can use before, during or after sex to connect more deeply to our erotic experience. This will include some tantric breathwork, as well as simple two, three and four part breaths that help to guide us into the present.
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  6. An Intro to Lesbian Sex: Next Level Intimacy

    An Intro to Lesbian Sex

    By Jessica Buck

    Provided consent is in place, taking your intimacy with someone to the next level means opening up a vulnerability that coincides with pleasure. We learn how to navigate this vulnerability with practice, but your first few times can be awkward and confusing, especially if you've received little to no true education on the physical and emotional logistics of "how to have sex." Let’s change that with a walk through of the basics of lesbian sex, because vulva on vulva action is worth the deep dive and frankly, it's the tits (pun intended).
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  7. Protect Your Energy: How to Energetically Cleanse Yourself After Casual Sex

    a person dips into a bath filled with rose petals

    By Gabriela Herstik

    Like everything else, sex is an energy exchange. And for those of us who engage in casual sex, the energy isn’t always exactly what we expect. When we sleep with someone, we form a connection with them, even if it’s for one night; sometimes this connection dissipates, and sometimes it lingers. If we are aware of our subtle body, and the energy system along the base of our spine known as the chakras, then we can make sure that we cleanse and clear the lingering energetic remnants of our sexual partners. In this piece Gabriela Herstik shares some simple techniques for cleansing our auric and energetic bodies after engaging in casual sex. Through breathwork, visualization, and working with tools like sacred smoke and ritual baths, we can make sure that we’re honoring our energy as much as our physical body, and that we’re having the safest sex possible in every realm.

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  8. Black Girls Masturbate

    woman in bed wearing a black bra smiling looking content and satisfied

    By Erika E. Wade

    Growing up black in America is tough, especially when everyone but your own cultural group tells you how to do it. Apparently, it’s even more taboo for black women to touch themselves. Well, I’m Erika. I’m a black woman from Alabama, and I touch myself. And it feels really good.
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  9. Seduce Yourself: Taking Nudes as Sexual Self Empowerment

    a person with short hair wearing lingerie lying down on a bed smiling taking a selfie with a phone

    By Gabriela Herstik

    Taking nudes can be a powerful way to connect more deeply with yourself and your body, it can be something that brings you and your partner closer together, or it can simply become a ritual of self-love and adoration. Read on for your B Swish guide to taking nudes

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  10. Unwrap Sexy: Gifts That Keep on Giving

    Unwrap Sexy: Gifts That Keep on Giving

    By B Swish

    Season’s greetings, y’all! It’s that wonderful time of the year again to don your gay apparel and start picking out gifts for your lover, partner, or closest kinky friends. If you’re stuck on ideas, we here at B Swish recommend pleasure products as a guaranteed treat for those who’ve been naughty or nice—hopefully both! But as there are so many products on the market, you may be wondering how to pare down the options and pick out something that will provide each of them a real endorphin-rush— and how do you do it if you’re on a budget?

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