Bgood Deluxe


A little good goes a long way with this 6-function, 7” waterproof silicone massager.  Bgood Deluxe combines sleek design and silicone touch, making being good to yourself feel better than ever.

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The Bgood Deluxe is a faultless massager, great for beginners or people looking for that traditional vibe. The Bgood Deluxe is made with top of the line high quality materials. Perfect for self exploration or could be brought into couples play, this massager’s natural feel and waterproof engineering is enhanced by its silky feel and alluring design. Try out all 6-functions, whether you use the Bgood Deluxe traditionally or simply stokes the clitoris or nipples in circular motions, there is no doubt you will find the speed and pressure that is just right for you.


Cleaning the Bgood is super easy, as it is a silicone toy there are no microscopic cracks or crevices that germs or bacteria can find themselves living in and growing in overtime and use. Therefore the easiest way to clean is with soap and warm water, air dry and pat down.


Bgood Deluxe specifications

Material: Silicone, ABS plastics. Length 7.5" (19.3 cm) width 1.37" (3.5cm) Battery: 2 x AAA (not included). Use time: 3 hours. Functions: 6. Waterproof: Yes.

Contents Included: 1 massager, 1 pouch, 1 instruction booklet.

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