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Limited 90 Day Warranty

If your product fails to work due to any defect in workmanship or materials, B Swish will gladly replace your purchase with a like or similar item.

To return, clean the product and place it in a zip locked bag separate from proof of purchase. A postage and handling fee is required and can be made by including a cashier's or bank check for $10.00 USD. If you wish to make a payment by credit card, please select this option on the form and you will receive a PayPal payment request from B Swish for $12.00 USD.

This warranty does not cover items damaged by battery corrosion or exposure to water (except waterproof items). It is suggested that batteries are removed when item is not in use. This product is sold as a personal massager.

Please fill out form, print, and mail within 10 days of purchase to the following address:

B Swish
PO Box 69A51
Los Angeles, CA 90069 USA
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